Shells hit hospital in Mogadishu – BBC

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A hospital has been hit in Somalia’s capital in fighting between insurgents and pro-government Ethiopian forces.

  1. War Crime in Somalia


A hospital has been hit in Somalia’s capital in fighting between insurgents and pro-government Ethiopian forces.

  1. War Crime in Somalia

Relatives and medical staff ran from the SOS hospital after at least four missiles hit. Casualties are unclear.

The BBC’s Mohammed Ibrahim Moalimo says many of the patients have been transferred to another hospital.

Other Mogadishu hospitals have already been hit by shells during the week-long Ethiopian advance and are struggling to cope with the casualties.

An estimated 340,000 people have left Mogadishu since February, the UN says.

This is the eighth consecutive day of clashes between Ethiopian troops backing the interim government and insurgents and fighters from the city’s dominant Hawiye clan.

Ethiopia’s prime minister says he hopes to have routed the insurgents within a fortnight.


The interim government is being accused by diplomats of preventing aid from reaching people fleeing the clashes.
Western diplomats say demands to inspect all aid shipments was adding to the misery, AP news agency reports.

Earlier, the UN humanitarian chief said insecurity, checkpoint harassment and new administrative directives have all obstructed humanitarian efforts.

UN, EU and US diplomats in the region have all appealed to the government to stop complicating aid delivery.

“The efforts of international agencies to come to the aid of these stricken people are being thwarted on the one hand by militia looting relief supplies, demanding ‘taxes’ and violently threatening aid workers, and on the other by administrative obstacles imposed by the transitional federal government,” AP news agency quotes a letter written last week by the German ambassador to Kenya.

Earlier, US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger wrote that “these practices are unacceptable and undermine the legitimacy of your government”.

In a meeting with the government, the UN’s humanitarian chief John Holmes received promises that things would change.

“They have assured us of full support for humanitarian access and humanitarian workers,” he said.

‘No food; no shelter’

A doctor just outside Mogadishu told the BBC about the difficulties of running her own maternity clinic.

“Around my hospital there are 2,000 families, mostly children and women,” Hawa Abdi told the BBC’s Network Africa programme.

“There is no food or shelter. We have a small quantity of water, but we aren’t able to get water from the well. The UNHCR reached us and gave us small plastic shelters, but it is not enough.”

Dr Abdi said she is trying to care for all who come to the clinic, both those who come to give birth, and those wounded in the fighting.

Other medical staff have arrived from hospitals that have been damaged in the fighting in the centre of the capital.

“Some people are injured, and they are coming to my hospital. I am not practising clan-discrimination as others are. If there is land where they can live, I will give them my land, and water free. Also medical tests I do free,” she said.

“Other doctors are coming from Mogadishu where there was heavy shelling of the Hayat hospital, and also from the Arafat hospital they are coming to help me.”

Somalia has not had a functional government since 1991. A transitional government was formed in 2004, but has so far failed to take full control of the country.

Ethiopian troops announced they had begun to withdraw, to be replaced by an African Union peacekeeping force, but only 1,200 of the 8,000 troops the AU says it needs have been deployed.

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  9. Teddy
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    This blood thirsty Woyane should immedatly stop killing civilian, what the benfit of occupying Somaila?, Woyane is out of controll, after silence his own people voice Meles become a police for all African, I dont know any reason to attack another nation unless threaten, in my opinion, I dont find it reasonable, it is costy and bloody. This is US proxy war, Weyane traped between US policy of “Either with us or terrorist”, but it has a backlash when these adminstration over, Meles will be at Hague in Geneva for war crime, no one save him. Here is the article from the known journalist who witness the crime.

    Reality Check: Genuine Journalism Exposes Somali Horrors
    Written by Chris Floyd
    Thursday, 26 April 2007
    Yesterday we examined the egregious distortions and outright lies that Jeffrey Gettleman of the New York Times employed in whitewashing (pun fully intended) the Bush Administration’s proxy war in Somalia: The Lies of the Times: NYT Pushes Bush Line on Somalia. Today, however, we are pleased to offer an antidote to Gettleman’s servile perversion of reality — a piece of honest-to-God journalism by Martin Fletcher of The Times of London.

    Unlike Gettleman, Fletcher is actually on the scene in Mogadishu, where the Bush-backed, American-trained Ethiopian invaders and their Somali warlord allies are using tanks and artillery on residential areas to crush the growing resistance to this latest “regime change” operation in Bush’s “War on Terror.” Fletcher is an eyewitness to the death, brutality, ruin and intense human suffering produced by Bush’s new war — a war that was launched to overthrow the Islamic Courts government, whose brief time in power last year is now looked back on as a “golden age” of peace and stability by Somalis, as Reuters reports today.

    The Times, of course, is a very conservative, pro-war, pro-Bush paper — owned by Rupert Murdoch, no less, the proprietor of the war-porn factory known as Fox News. But although he has politicized and polluted The Times as he does everything he touches, Murdoch is shrewd enough to understand that the newpaper’s centuries-old reputation for journalistic excellence is part of its “brand value” and should not be totally shredded. Thus you will often find excellent reportage buried in its pages — nuggets of truth and reality that totally contradict the neo-fascist fantasies that Murdoch peddles on Fox and elsewhere.

    And so it is with Fletcher’s report, which is excerpted extensively below, and is taken from a prominent, two-page spread in The Times’ print edition. Be sure to read the whole thing, and as you do, ponder this painful irony: An archconservative Murdoch paper in England can tell the truth about Somalia — but the most venerated bastion of America’s so-called “liberal media” cannot.

    From The warlords of death return to steal city’s brief taste of peace (The Times):
    Excerpts: In five days spent in and around a city reverberating with the constant thud of mortars and bursts of gunfire, The Times saw burnt-out slums, huge refugee encampments, hospitals overflowing with the sick and injured, and enough misery to last a lifetime.

    It is hard to overstate the suffering of this forgotten country. Last year Somalia tasted peace for the first time in 15 years of bloody civil war when the Islamic Courts movement drove out the warlords who had made their country a byword for anarchy and mayhem. But Washington saw the Courts as a new Taleban sympathetic to al-Qaeda, so it conspired with neighbouring Ethiopia to remove them as part of its War on Terror.

    In December Ethiopia’s formidable army routed the Courts, and installed a Somalian “transitional federal government”? that includes some of the very warlords the Courts had ousted, and depends for its survival on thousands of soldiers provided by Somalia’s oldest and most bitter enemy. The new Government is now battling against a growing insurgency, and legions of petrified Somalis are caught in the crossfire.

    On our first afternoon in Mogadishu we were interviewing doctors at the Madina hospital when we heard explosions. Minutes later a convoy of cars, minibuses and trucks began delivering men, women and children “” all civilians “” with blood pouring from shrapnel wounds.

    They were carried, wailing and moaning, into the casualty centre on trolleys, in people’s arms, in crude stretchers fashioned from blankets. They were laid on tables and the lino floor, soaked in their own blood and vomit. The doctors and nurses were soon struggling to cope, sweat coursing down their faces as they bandaged wounds and rigged up intravenous drips in the intense heat. But still the injured came “” 30, 40, 50 of them. Amid the pandemonium a man with a stick fought to restrain a mob of frantic relatives.

    Survivors said Ethiopian troops had fired three shells into a market in a neighbourhood called al-Barakah packed with women buying fresh milk. A dozen were killed outright…

    In the past few days Ethiopian shells have hit a mosque, a minibus, a hospital and HornAfric, Somalia’s leading independent radio station. One night alone 73 people were killed in northern Mogadishu, and in three days last weekend the Madina treated 245 wounded civilians.

    The casualties fill its foetid wards, corridors and overflow tents, and lie under trees outside. They are people like Ruqio Muse, a 22-year-old mother of three young children who said her thigh was shattered by an Ethiopian sniper’s bullet as she retrieved goods from her clothing stall in one of the city’s battlegrounds. Next to her lie two semi-comatose girls “” 16-year-old cousins “” whose skin was burnt from their faces by a landmine explosion. Ahmed, 14, has had a leg amputated.

    …We had first visited Mogadishu early last December, five months after the Courts ousted the warlords, and found a city still rejoicing. Gone were the ubiquitous checkpoints where the warlords’ militias killed, extorted and stole. Gone were their “technicals”? “” Jeeps with heavy machineguns mounted in the back. Hundreds of Somalis were returning from foreign exile, businesses were reopening, and for the first time in a generation people could walk around safely amid the ruins of their once-fine capital, even at night.

    The Courts’ leadership undoubtedly contained Islamic extremists with dangerous connections and intentions. They banned the narcotic qat, cinemas, Western music and dancing. But the Courts also achieved the almost impossible task of imposing order on one of the world’s most dangerous cities, and for that most Somalis were content to accept their strict Islamic codes. Today Mogadishu is a warzone once again…

    An estimated 20,000 Ethiopian troops are battling against the insurgents “” an alliance of Islamic Court fighters and elements of Mogadishu’s dominant Hawiye clan who control much of the outer city. The Government’s own army consists of barely 5,000 “soldiers”? “” former members of the warlords’ militias who inspire fear, not confidence. They man checkpoints and stand on corners in central Mogadishu, flaunting their semi-automatics. Many chew qat. Some steal and extort (we twice had to pay bribes at checkpoints).

    …On Industrial Road, a major thoroughfare, we were shown trenches and barricades built to obstruct Ethiopian tanks, burnt-out Ethiopian vehicles, and the charred remains of both a charcoal market and a camp for 1,200 homeless families shelled by the Ethiopians. More than 50 died as fire raged through the camp’s rickety shelters made of wood and plastic sheeting. All that remains is an expanse of ash littered with the blackened remains of cooking pots, lamps and corrugated iron. “My family fled to the countryside,”? said Hussain Ibrahim Yusef, a young boy standing alone in the devastation. “We were separated. I don’t know where to follow them.”?

    …Another day we drove south from Mogadishu towards Afgoye. The refugee camps started about ten miles out and went on and on “” thousands upon thousands of families who are living out in the bush beneath orange tarpaulins or in the open, sheltered from the blazing sun and torrential rainstorms only by trees.

    These people fled with little more than sleeping mats and the clothes they wore. Food is scarce. Vendors charge extortionate prices for water, so some refugees are drinking from dirty rivers. There is no sanitation, and relief efforts are hampered by the lack of security, poor infrastructure and harassment by government soldiers…

    In five days we spoke to scores of ordinary Somalis. Overwhelmingly they loathed a government they consider a puppet of the hated Ethiopians. “As long as the Ethiopians are on Somali soil the insurgents will get support,”? said Muhammad Ibrahim, a gardener now living with his wife and three children at the Lafole hospital. “In the six months the Islamic Courts were here, less than 20 people lost their lives through violence. Now that many die in ten minutes,”? said Hussein Adow, a businessman waiting outside the Madina hospital.

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