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The student protest at Addis Ababa University is in its second day today after it was ignited yesterday by some students at Arat Kilo campus. (more…)

The student protest at Addis Ababa University is in its second day today after it was ignited yesterday by some students at Arat Kilo campus. The Students said they started chanting anti-university administration slogans when they learnt that the body of dead student was abused by the Menelik hospital autopsy department. The student passed away three days ago. His friends suspected that he was poisoned. According to sources, at least 200 students have fallen sick in the last two days as a result of food poisoning. The report is yet to be confirmed by the university’s medical staff.

“We have stopped classes to protest the administration’s disregard for our safety,” a student told Ethio-Zagol Post. The presence of the Federal Police has angered the students even more. “They are over-reacting again. They are video tapping our protest. I suspect the administration is going to dismiss some students from the university as it has done several times in the past when students protest,” another students said.

There is virtually no academic freedom and the right to free speech and protest at Addis Ababa University. Students and instructors claim that lack of freedom has worsened in the past couple of years under Professor Andreas Eshete’s beleaguered administration.

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    this is criminal, we that melese is a killer, they have to shout for their freedom.

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    melese is a killer,the students must cry for their freedom,go aheAD

  3. fish
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    Woyane has resentment to ward educated ppls because they have spent their youth fighting for nothing instead of learning.By now as we have seen most of them are old and don’t have the brain and the time to get education therefore when ever they see students and professors their blood boils with resentment. This is a proven fact.Even mr.Mele tried to supress this inferiority to ward educated ppls through diffrent ways for example he bought a his bachlor degree and the funiest thing of all is that he was talking about thesis writing about three months ago. hahah. In that article the main idea was not about the content of the article but he wanted to put him self in line with the educated oposition leaders doctors and engineers. In reality it is a known fact what it takes to be true doctor and engineer. Meless can bost on those premitive tribes of him but Ethiopians know him every well and that is why they don’t bye his history no matter what.
    “yetenekaneke tirs kelweleke tena ayesetim yelal amhara”

  4. Bancharaw
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    I believe when student protests for their academic freedom the out side people should listen their voice. If your kids are ding you have to die with them don’t look at them join them. No body gets freedom with out scarifying. I also believe that student fight for the better future of Ethiopia. Emancipate your self no one gives you freedom die today the better tomorrow, if not live the way your ruler’s told you to live ; listen your ruler’s and eat what every they told you to eat. Parents look and close your door when your children are ding or put your life before your kid. Gunmen are always loser, but pen and paper holders are always winner.

  5. kuadu
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    Addis ababa university Students have been the first to protest aginist any wrong doing by governments. It was only the high schools who try to support them. Most of the people in addis turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the cry of students in the past, except after the May election where the people joned the university students. My point I know they are demanding basic rights , but woyangn doe not understand this. what come in t otheir mind is to use brutal force to silence this protest. I am aginst unwanted sacrifies the students pay in life and physicsl injury. Because the struggle always never spread throuh the masses. Whys they make sacrifes in vain?
    I think the better be off attending classes.

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    this poor our country once again abused by this evil goverment i don’t know when how we will see freedom please some one do something.

  7. Gabi & Naomi
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    Dear Umiversity students: You are the future of the cauntry(Ethiopia). One student death is bad wound to the country.
    Be wise, be careful death is a passive way of struggle. Be well organized, Your wisdom will save you from any danger or death.
    Without you there will be no future to country.
    Be One, Stand for mother land (Ethiopia).
    Don’t follow the confusion from manipulators.
    Develop idias.
    Don’t let your ethnic back ground pull you into the garbage thought of separatists.

  8. fish
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    Gabi and Naomi said
    “Dear Umiversity students: You are the future of the cauntry(Ethiopia). One student death is bad wound to the country.” If yo know this,why did you then kill all those university students? may be to make more wounds and damages. You premitives should tell the killers not to kill and not the other way round to warn the victimes. hipocrats please don’t disturb us here.

  9. amanu
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    Dear Gabi and Naomi,
    University students do not need advice from Agazis like you. You do not know what they are going through. Your commredaes kill, beat, and arassed them every day. The university students are part of millions of Ethiopians who are imprisoned by the government in their own country. As a mater of fact your advice should go to your comrades and the selfish,and hateful woyanes and agazis….this what you need to tell them….
    Do not kill ethiopias future…students and the youth
    do not beat them and leave them be handicaped
    Do not be so selfish and hateful…think about at least the poor farmers who could not even feed themselves
    Individuals and partys will go away, however, the country and its people will be there forever… least think about what you will pass to your children….think about their future…where and with whom they live
    And most of all no one likes you …but try to make peace with everyone…before it is too late

  10. amanu
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    Kuadu pls do not generalize and call our brothers Tigres names like that….your comment should be towards those on power….we send their killers Agazis to kill everyone except Woyane

    At the same time I agree your frustration…most in power and their supporters are Tigre..may be a few thousend, however, Tigreans our brothers are numbered in million and think about them. They are Ethiopians more than any body. It is so unfortunate some of them support the killing machine woyan and Agazi.

    Finally, Pls lets not fall on Melesss game and trap by name calling and hating our Tigran brothers and sisiters. He is staying in power by telling them..if i go the Oroms and Amaras will kill you. Lets not forget those who are in prison who are tigre(ex. Dr Haielu of CUD) but who stand with Ethiopians for Ethiopia. And those who are in ffor front of the fight with the Woyan…and still who are Tigre (ex. Abrha Belay of Ethio Media)

    NB- Abugida pls control such kind of divisive and hateful message…otherwise you are serving Woyanes

  11. Gabi & Naomi
    | #11

    Dummi #2 amamnuel
    Don’t pretend as if you know everything. If you think you know teach someone who doesn’t.
    You see you are just pretending. What makes you feel I am agazi or woyane. Your stupidity shows what a narrow minded confused son of are.
    I am not here to hate, If you hate what I say you are welcome to say what you want. I am not commenting becouse I want to be liked but that is what belive in. Stop accusing anyone for what there belive.
    This also applies to that dammy fish.

  12. Tasew
    | #12

    Endrias Eshete the right hand of murderer Zenawi killed the brain of Ethiopia.

  13. Mimi
    | #13

    Weyannes, you should know that if Ethiopia has no peace, you have no peace, if Ethiopia is not there, you are not their either. Come on Weyannes, have some common sense for God sakes. You are so embarrassingly awkward and primitive to think that after creating a police state everything will go the way that you wanted. It is so stupid of you to think like that”¦

  14. Korratu
    | #14

    I am very sad to learn about this. History teaches us that AAU was and continued to be the epitome of any revolution in the country.
    I am sure Meles perfectly knows about this. That is way he is trying to tranquilize any upraise arising over at Addis Ababa University. Even during Mengistu’s time I remember he sent the chief of his guards to culminate the situation. The difference is that Mengistu was an Ethiopian (whatever his political crime was) but Meles proof to be not.

  15. Tigist
    | #15

    Meles only proof that he is an Eritrean evil man that has no bright future for anybody even for his own immediate family. The very minorities that have been supporting Meles are very stupid. That is why Meles managed to ride on them for so long.

  16. kuadu
    | #16

    dear amanu, Thank u for u comment. U may be right to some extent. But this days alll tigrees are woyangn!! They all stink!! The washed their eyes with salt. what ever woyangn does they accept right and the all say are determined to die for woyangn. They even say no ethiopia without TPLF. So how can i say there are tigree who do not support woyan. They are all tahe same!! They think shit!!They are a two leged animal endemic to ethiopia.

  17. habesha
    | #17

    I agree with all what is written by Mr. Kuadu. We should not forget this crook gangs from this evil ethnic group.

  18. fish
    | #18

    i agree with Kuadu and habesha we shouldn’t make no mistake this kind of tigree behavior has a pattern and it is not a one time phenomena. “KE EBAB ENKULAL ERGEB AYEFELEFELEM YELAL”

  19. fish
    | #19

    it is not their nature to be good and think posetive. They are a defacto human being. No sympathy for them and they can’t do any worth after this and why we should care about them.In addition to that most of them are ugly too.

  20. Ayizosh Ethiopia
    | #20

    I don’t know what we(The Ethiopian people) are waiting for?This bastards have let us suffer since their administration.They beat us,they prisoned us,they killed us.What I afraid is they may need our soul after death.The Melese(Chirak)administration is staggering since May 1997.Let’s enhance our unity and get down these stupids.We shouldn’t forget what our innocent leaders(Kality prisoners)have done for us.We should always remember and steps their foot.”Unity is Strength”.

  21. ibrahim
    | #21

    Andreas Eshete’s shows once again he is a real woyane.he is a political apponti,we students believe he will not listen our problems properly.Damn Woyane,



  22. ewnet
    | #22

    I’m sorry about the Tigrean folks! they were sandwiched between the eritrean chauvenists of the north and the honests of the south.When an opportune time like this come for the tigreans, there came this evil regime which hindered the tigreans to have their national pride (ethiopian).
    Whatever the atrocities happening on the Ethiopians at this moment is the result of that insecuredness, inferiority complexes etc.accumilated through time. Hey! guys come back to yourselves, you are human like us. Stop this act of revenge, lies,and theft by suppressing the true Ethiopians who kept this nation from enemies throughout the centuries.

  23. kuadu
    | #23

    Through out the histroy of ethiopia tigryans are always opportunitist. when the british came to fight the Legendary theodros, they showed them the way to Mekedella. When Hailselassie arranged a referndom for Eriteria by the united nations, tigrays from adigrat was sent to asmara to vote aginst the referendom. And Meless came and he says let eriteria be independent. U see how they change their skin. Meless was fighting with said barie of Somalia to topple Mengistu. No he says the islamists declare war on ethiopia.
    They have no brain.! One important thing about this behaviour is it comes from a deep feeling of inferiority complex. Look at meles he hates educated person because he did not finish his second year at Addis ababa university. Gobez we all should be aware of that Woyangn and Tigre means two sides of a coin.

  24. Okach O. Kwot
    | #24

    Hi folks here I am again. We Ethiopians, our main problem is inaction. You all should learn from the ONLF operation in Ogaden. Prime minister Meles is in trouble for the double even triple victories achieved by the true fighters of ONLF. The government is shaken and they have to pay hard cash to the Chinese. Imagine if all of us strick from every corner, the end of this genocidal gang government would be near. I know some of Ethiopians would like the idea of the so called development, especially the oil explorations in Ogaden, Gambella, Afar and other areas. One thing for sure is if we let this evil government prosper, they would enslave us forever. The best solution is as they gave us headach, we too should give them buttpain. ONLF has given the genocidal regime historical lesson, you do not come to my yard and explore my oil with out even cosulting me and my community. Now then you are in trouble with your promise with Chinese. You the evil government should have known better, the only security garrantee would only be ensured with the agreement with the locals, the true owners of that oil you looking for. Unless you think hard and ask for forgivness, similar obstacles are still in the way. The future of the so called development in Ethiopia is blurred by actions of the ONLF fighters. The all world is shaken by their actions, the Chinese are forced to revise their interest in Ethiopia. It is such things that would make difference. I did regret the deaths of the civilians but, people should not be blinded and associate themselves with this regime. The only thing that would garrantee the civilians security is to stay away from the so called oil explorations in sombody’s yard.

  25. fish
    | #25

    Okach O. Kwot: You are quite write past attack of the oil fiel is a message for all of greedy individuals and insentive individuals who want to benifit form the suffering of the poor. This attack should continue on those who are going to ethiopia on the comming new year in the support of woyane.Also that drunken old Alamoudin should think again on his way of doing bussiness other wise he get the same fate. There is no prosperity with out freedom.


  26. amanu
    | #26

    Hi Kuadu. I feel your pain. i also stoong lelieve that tigran s in the dispoara 100% suppot Tplf if not melesse, however, much less supoort inside Ethiopia. The sadpart is Most of them believe that it is our turn to rule in this 21st century. however, for the sake of our country and its future we have to ignore some thing and advocate peace and harmony. Melesse also want this divisions to his own advantage…remember he invited Paul kagame of Ruanda to Tidray…and says Amarahas and ormos will finish you if i give up power…he is an evil man a curse sent to Ethiopia by Devil himself

  27. kuadu
    | #27

    hi amanu,
    Let me ask u a question? how long this has to go? we have been very patient for the last 15 years. we showed respect and love for them, what we get in return is hatred and suffering. Tigrans in ethiopia all of them try to convince u that killing innocent unarmed civillans is justified. They kill ur brother infront of his mother and want u to forget the next morning. they say he was killed when he tried to rob a bank.They all think by one bain and talk by millon mouths.So amanu don’t u think that it is time to hate them back and show they are inferiero and they are animal. I think this is the right time to kick them back.
    If we don’t do that they will extreminate all of us gradually.

  28. aa
    | #28

    Dear flat-nose,

    Go and read what I posted in Nazret com.

    say hi to my broken mouth… I think you should go and fix his teeth when he speak or read it look funny.

  29. Gabi & Naomi
    | #29

    The devt. in Ogaden, Asossa …etc is the the development of the whole country. It’s ovious that Melles and his comerades are profiting. The qustion is how to stop them from exploiting the country. Destroying buildings and mashineries, killing inocent people won’t bring no solution to the country. First we have to educate ourselves and the community about who we are what we stand for.
    The truth is Ethiopians had been going through war for years. It’s time to bring peace peacfully. how ?….Very hard!!
    For sure there is no free peace. Who are willing to pay the price?

  30. Tarekegn Gesesse
    | #30

    I realy wonder how much you people have gone down. Don’t you understand? we Tigrians are not blind supporters of Meless and his party, but we do ADORE THEM! TPLF IS BORNE AND NOBODY WILL DARE TO STOPE IT! IF THE WORST COMES YOU, THE ONES DISAPPOINTED MAY SPLIT FROM ETHIOPIA. AFTERALL THE ETHIOPIA MEANS TIGRAY AND TIGRAY MEANS ETHIOPIA, IF DON’T GET IT READ, STUPD ASS!

  31. amanu
    | #31

    Dear Tarkenge,
    No one qustion the Ethiopiansessof Tigreans but those offew (may be few thousedn) like Melesse, berket, seoum, and the like. If you think this peoplearetruly Ethiopian youare thinking with your A…Yes, Tplf is born and raised in Tigre when it was right to fight Derge but not the people of Ethiopia, to fight hunger not to steal,…after Derge TPLFdid every thing at the Expense of Millions of Ethiopians and did all kind of Damage which will take a generation to fix….Are you telling me you adore this tplf. Those who are cripling students, selling Ethiopia to Alamoudi, distributing porne movies to Ethiopian youth…I can go on and on writing the crime of TPLF ..pls come to your senses

    AsMy Brother KUADU I still resisit generilizing. All Tigreans are not or should not be supporter of TPLF. At least we should think that way. Rememeber it is this kind of sentment TPLF wants

  32. aa
    | #32

    Here is an image

    Look My people this picture tell million birr story.

    the guy in blue trying to stop his friend from escaping from the TPLF ARMY.

    Mind you the second guy thinking if I am going to go down I will take my firend with me… this kind of mentilty we are fighting

    the AAU student is dead so what if the do. took the organ other can live

  33. aa
    | #33

    Here is an image

  34. aa
    | #34

    Here is an image
    Isn’t it cool?

  35. fish
    | #35

    “TO ELEMINATE SHARKS FROM THE THE SEE, DRAINING THE SEE IS ALSO AN OPTION.” ThisIS the reason why we have to avoid this primitive tigres. But in that see their might be dolphines and fishes but they ar in the worng place in the wrong time we are very sorry however those fishes and doliphines will be eaten by the sharks and still help the shark to live longer therefor either way their are victmes. But they have one option to align themselves with the see drainers eliminate the sharks first before the see starts to drain. I know the premitives tigrees don’t get it.


  36. Reppi
    | #36

    Tarekegn Gesesse

    TPLF has done nothing for Ethiopia so even you dumb-ass should understand why it is held in such contempt by almost all Ethiopians except the hodams.Western countries and donors are the only ones keeping it alive.
    Ethiopia does not mean Tigre and definetly Tigre does not mean Ethiopia.
    Without Ethiopia you Tigres will go back to your Beles diet.
    Ethiopia can prosper without Tigre.Can Tigre survive without Ethiopia.
    Look at your northern brothers,they left Ethiopia, with your help, for which they paid you in Contempt.
    tplf/woyanne has done nothing even for the poor tigres.tplf/woyanne fought for eritria, now tplf/woyanne is fighting for america.
    tplf/woyanne tells you poor tigres fairy tales
    while tplfs/woyannes are fattening they bank accounts.

  37. Gabi & Naomi
    | #37

    That is why I said to go back and learn history. Jenoside is not a asolution. You were talking about the merder and the merderers and how much you hate them because they killed inosent people. What makes you different If have this devlish thought.
    Fish, You are not better than corps except you a living corps.
    Your fashist thought doesn’t work.
    Dude!!! Have a wisdom. Think before you say somethng.

  38. fish
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    Very interesting read.

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    This is what I was looking for. Thanks.

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    I really liked your article. Excellent work !

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    I understand, point made. Thank You

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    Can you provide more information on this?

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