Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of April 29, 2007

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April 29, 2007

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

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    Besudan yalu ethiopian betam sletechgeru erdatachihun yefeligalu

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  3. amaha
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    it some thing what u r trying about ur, i can say that u r doing ur bes that it’s very intresting bey!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous
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    Dear Abugida presenters,

    Endemin senbtach’hual, ye’Abugida baldereboch. Selam lenante yihuh.

    Balefew samnt sirichitach’hu, amde-mereb lay yalkuach’hu neber’na zarém s’semaw gizé alayachihut kehone lastawsachi’hu byé new. Mel’ektén kezih betach edegmewalehu, Egzi’abhér yakb’r'lign.

    “I would like to express my appreciation to your dedication.

    I have some comments on your use of Amharic, if you do not mind, though.

    “Kermach’hual”? refers indirectly years, a year, or at least a season.
    “Senbtach’hual”? refers to “senbet”?, a week or weeks, as “senbet”? is a more common word for a week in rural Ethiopia.
    “Arfdach’hual”? refers to a morning.
    “wulach’hual”? refers to a day or the middle part of a given day.
    “amshtach’hual”? refers to an evening.
    “Adrach’hual”? refers to a night time.
    Please excuse me for my “˜difret’ as it is just a reminder, not anything like new. ”

    Yenantew negn.

  5. casanova
    | #5

    Miss Tilahun, a very impressive woman. The interviewer too, a smart guy asking a very smart questions. Well done.

  6. Chaltu
    | #6

    This is a great video great job. However, why not subtitle it and send it as a package to all Human Right Agencies the EU congress as documentation if nothing else but for posterity. The fact that the effort to strangle the democratic process is very clear, that the leadership and the people have been openly disscusing a way forward for creating a democratic process. Send it to Democracy Now. Frontline, The English Channel 4, The Austrailian TV that had produced a program way back right after elections. This is documentation even if they ignore it now time will change this can help in the coming trail decison. Ethiopians are aware of what is going on we need to push this to the outside world to see so that they see what has been taking place. This could be developed to be a powerful media packet. Please consider it. Thank you Abugida your doing a great job. Lets take it out to the World.

  7. Ewnetu
    | #7

    Wendata Abugida,

    You guys getting better and better from day one

    It is very intresting documentry Those blind folded Woyanes they should see this.



  8. | #8

    W/ro Roman,
    You are such a respected lady.And you are a real friend.I hope Tilahun knows that better than anyone else.Inspite of all the women in his life,today we know there is only one real lady who came back to take care of him at his difficult hours-YOU.GOD BLESS YOU !!!

  9. Tigist
    | #9

    Here we go a gain! The abugida journalists, you are demonstrating how civil and thoughtful we Ethiopians can be and the power of information exchange. Good job! Keep it up! See you next week.

  10. Arefe
    | #10

    congradulatios!! you doing better& better with background mini visual image
    please while you reading see a cammara not at the middle of the sentense
    at the end of the sentense.use a red mark not to repeat the same mistake
    dont be afraid people those are working they made a mistake those who sit
    only discouraging you. good job!

  11. codro
    | #11

    You guys what you are dong is a very nice job. I would like to say thank you for what you are doing on supporting the strugle of the Ethiopian people. Your progam is educatinal and intertiing.

    Thank you

  12. HIRUT
    | #12

    FRENCH Bonjour, C’est en surfant, que j’ai enfin trouvé votre sîte, depuis je l’ai conseillé a plusieurs compatriotes francophones. Je suis d’origine Ethiopie de la région ” de Harrar Assebteferi “. je parle correctement l’ahmarigna. Mes week ends, je regarde en alternative TV ENA & ABUGIDA. C’est vraiment une bouffé des informations en temps réel, c’est ce qui nous manquait en france depuis 30 ans. Bonne chance continuez à diffuser et prospérer les valeurs culturelles, nous maintenons nos cultures en France, nous sommes 3 soeurs, dont 6 neuveux & nièces.
    Je présente mes codoléances aux familles éthiopiennes et chinoises. Nous avons encore perdu le 24 avril 2007, nos 65 intellectuels ( ingénieurs, logisticiens ou architectes ). A très bientôt, Melkame ohoud ( dimache en en français )

  13. kolew
    | #13

    ere please i need some one who is gonna translet ye hirutnnn

  14. bonjour
    | #14

    Hirut’s says

    FRENCH Hello, THIS IS while surfing, that I at last found your sîte, since I counseled it has several French-speaking compatriots. I am origin Ethiopia of the region” of Harrar Assebteferi “. I speak correctly the ahmarigna. My week ends, I look at in alternate TV ENA & ABUGIDA. This really a devoured the news in real time, this is this that lacked us in france for 30 years. Good luck continue to broadcast and prosper the cultural values, we maintain our cultures in France, we are 3 sisters, of which 6 neuveux & nieces. I present my codoléances to the families éthiopiennes and Chinese. We again lost April 24 2007, our 65 intellectuals (engineers, logisticiens or architects). To very soon, Melkame ohoud (dimache in in French) – Have a great Sunday.

  15. Ethiopians-From-Germany
    | #15

    Hi! Yemisirach, Asnake, Rahel and all of you,
    You are doing a good job!

    We are writing you from Europe. We watch your television program every week. Especially your way of presenting a TV-Program is admireable.
    Your Amharic is very original and sweet. We like it very much. Yemisirach is beutifull according to Eurpean standard of beauty. We love your nice music program.

    We love you all!

    Abugida Television forever!

    Bye-Bye until next week

  16. wossen
    | #16

    hey mengistu mecheresha lay yeteretkew teret
    lik aydelem tikekelegnaw teret bekerb yalen tsebel lite yenekrubetal new .ante gelbetehewal
    p.s take correction

    | #17

    This is addressing for all Abugida hosts, and team members. Your job is realy talented and immortal, which could help for the current struggle of Ethiopia.Abugida is a whip cord for Ethiopian living in diaspora to light up of the current crisis in Ethiopia.There fore, my special delivery for Abugida hosts is to keep up on the constructive job, and speak up for the voice less of Ethiopian people.

  18. Ocho
    | #18

    It looks like there is something important information being imparted. Your program seemed targeting certain audience while excluding non-Amharic speakers and people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Have you ever thought of captioning?

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