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Woyanne affiliated web site,, posted on 2nd June 2009 what it claimed was the interview given by Ato Sebhat Nega to Hager Fekir Radio host Ato Negussie W/Mariam. Major issues that were raised by the host during this interview session include the “significance of Ginbot 20”, the Council of Minister’s recent measure to readmit the previously deported Eritreans and power delineation between the Executive and Legislative branches of the Government regarding this same measure. In fact, this very measure is believed by many as have been induced by Woyanne intentionally in order to distract the ever growing domestic resentment.

The Radio host, who at the beginning of the interview, introduced his guest as “Ye Ihadeg Mengist Kefetegna Baleseltan”, at the end of the session, tried not to miss what he thought was a golden opportunity by leveling his own allegation against employees of the Ethiopian Embassy in the USA, for what he alleged as “poor performance at propaganda work” . Just imagine for a second, a situation where an allegation put on a duly employed government employees is submitted to a visiting merchant.

One would surely be at a loss to discern the full extent of what had really gone in between these two gentlemen by way of that particular interview session. The radio host appeared to perceive his guest- interlocutor as “Ye Ihadeg Mengist Kefetegna Baleseltan” though Ato Sebhat is known to us only as an elderly citizen currently working as Deputy General Manager of EFFORT, a business conglomerate that is owned by Woyane. Of course, he is a central committee member in that regional political grouping.
Under normal condition, Ato Sebhat Nega is presumed to discharge those tasks that are pertinent only to the business organization he is currently leading or the regional political grouping to which he currently belongs. We see no ground, whatsoever, for him to speak on behalf of the government or even the so called EPRDF for that matter. The radio host never bothered to a priori learn for himself and let his audience know whether or not his guest is specifically mandated to speak on behalf of the government nor Ato Sebhat cared to qualify in what capacity he was addressing those issues. In fact, he appeared to be enjoying his newly found “Ye Mengist Baleseltan without portfolio” status bestowed upon him by an amateur radio host who most probably is devoid of the significance of verifying the credentials of one’s interviewee.

At one point, Aboy Sebhat sounded like “President of the Federation Council giving a final verdict on contested constitutional provision” regarding the delineation of power between the Executive and Legislative branches in matters pertaining to readmitting of the previously deported Eritreans. He said, “This issue is within the domain of the Executive branch. The Legislative body has nothing to do with it.” Prior to making that seemingly authoritative assertion, Ato Sebhat should have been wise enough to make sure first that he firmly stood his ground that enables him say so. He should have known that any assertion that lacks legitimacy is nothing but bragging.

Few years ago, a certain town hassler had managed to self appoint himself as Woreda Administrator in two Woredas belonging to two different regions before it was discovered that he was actually a usurper. Such incident may sound a fabricated story to many. In fact, it should. But we are stating here what had actually happened in this unfortunate country of ours some eight years ago. The mere fact that this guy comes from a certain area in the country had made it possible for him to easily stage such a repugnant scheme. We are not interested, as such, in an adventurous move taken by a certain individual who might probably be on a mission to stage an anecdote episode that constitute a chapter in their short-lived history of glory. What troubles us most is the prevalent situation in the country that made it possible for him to stage that scheme.
In a country where it’s defense force is fully commanded by officers coming from one region, in a country where the commanding height of the country’s economy is being controlled by this same group and in a country where this same group is relentlessly striving to subdue citizens into total subservience, much more humiliating incidences are to be expected in the time to come. Whether we like it or not, we are being cornered to make a choice between heroically resisting such a repulsive situation or get prepared to lead a low life as a second citizen in our own country.

As things stand in the country at present, it appears that it is very likely that any passerby travelling for the sole purpose of a shopping spree can pose for a while as “Ye Mengest Kefetegna Baleseltan” so long as one shares a common regional origin with the current rulers. It is also true that there are plenty of individuals out there who are predisposed to readily and uncritically buy that so long as they got the faintest clue that doing so would help them promote their self interest. It is truly a nauseating reality that needs to be tackled very seriously.

Hence, it wouldn’t be inappropriate for us if we are to state that we could neither recognize Aboy Sebhat as “Ye Ihadeg Mengest Kefetegna Baleseltan” nor comprehend the rationale behind his verdict like statement regarding the power delineation between the executive and legislative branch of the government with respect to Ethio-Eritrean relation. Aboy Sebhat’s assertions lack supportive mandate to be considered official and sound reasoning to be considered persuasive. It is simply a failure in both angels.

June 2009

  1. tewbel
    | #1

    It is well known that Ato Sebhat Nega is a senior member of the TPLF leadership and one of the principal actors that brought the TPLF to victory and Meles to the Premiership. Therefore, what is the purposde of the article? If it is the begining of a campaign against him, does it mean that the rumor of split within the woyane is true? And that Sebhat is seeking asylum in the US, where he is alledged to be present at this time complaing about the Embassy staff ?? Or they are trying to hoodwinck us into believing that there will be changes in the caracter of the Woyane? Anyway who is Still looking foe fools ???

  2. aha!
    | #2

    Bravo ! Now, you you have to taking a look at the big picture from the stand point of disintegration and ethnic dominance that has been going on for years and your realization of the lack of balance among the judiciary, Exective and Parliament in the Ethiopian Government, without questioning the demise of Ethnic Federalism, you have adopted from the the TPLF/eprdf constitution and sovereignity of Ethiopia. This is not to endorse to endorse The haggar Fikir Radio, the interviewer, nor the person interviewed both of whom work against the national interest of Ethiopia.

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