Ethiopia – Don’t Let Loose Lips Sink the Ship – Alex Birhanu

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As a people we must be able to believe in principle and seriously consider that passion should be driven by principle and surrounded by reason. (more…)

As a people we must be able to believe in principle and seriously consider that passion should be driven by principle and surrounded by reason. Otherwise, too much passion with no principle or rational reasoning will make the Diaspora Ethiopians to remain emotional and blind fighters. We should not let loose lips sink the ship called ‘Ethiopia’ that we are all sailing on for as long as we are breathing and alive. Why am I writing this article? What motivated me to share this very opinion with you all? The answer is clear. I feel that there is a missing link in our political outlook.

As a matter of fact, there are opposition groups that remain opportunistic and only contribute to enhance destructive political ploys by painting subsequent black images of episodes taking place inside Ethiopia and trying continuously carrying out ideas that encourage marshalling bulldozer politics. This reminds me of the following story I heard once: ‘Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the family business. When he found out he was going to inherit a huge fortune when his sickly father died, he decided to marry a wife with whom to share his fortune. One evening at an investment meeting he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen before. Her natural beauty took his breath away. Instantly he made a move to her: “I may look like just an ordinary man,” he said to her, but in just a few months, my father is likely to die, and I’ll be the sole heir to inherit his $200 million.” Impressed, the woman obtained his business card and three days later, she became his stepmother.’ That is the kind of story that brought the huge divide between EPLF and TPLF; and ever since the mid 1990s this shrewdest politics is keeping us all busy in endless political think thanks and tick-tacks arguing over the un-demarcated border issues as well as Ethiopia’s legitimate access to the sea through Assab Port.

As far as I see it we need to strive for change and change must be transformed through peaceful means at any cost. Particularly, we (people in Diaspora) are actually missing the middle ground on various national and regional issues as most of us run into emotion rather than attempting to be governed by objective reasoning. Extremism/emotionalism is nothing more than an expression of ignorance and greed; what so ever its basis may be. We should not go for bulldozer politics. Rather we should be responsible and rational in opposing or supporting any political opinions/groups regarding this beautiful country that has been and still is suffering in all aspects due to ignorance and greed, but nothing else. Thus, we need to be inclusive rather than exclusive, objective rather than subjective, rational rather than emotional. At the end of the day the middle ground will come as the result of our zealous efforts. Whenever we want to contribute especially to the political discourse of our country, I think, our objective should be how to break the conflict trap rather than how to generate further conflicts by adding fuel to the already burning fire.

Indeed TPLF was born and brought-up by Shaabia inside Eritrea; by no one else but Wodi Afom. All I know is that our peoples (those in Eritrea and Ethiopia alike) are at an alert for sometime now to start the next war at any minute here after. There is no UN-peace-keeping mission or any other war-protective guarantee. In such occasions I have no doubt that Shaabia will try to use the Ethiopian opposition groups in Eritrea as its front-runners to challenge TPLF. But for what good is war really? Cannot we come to round table discussions and resolve our differences for the sake of peace? In a recent interview Afewarki gave to Asharq Al-Awsat at which time he said: “there is no dialogue or nothing to discuss about with Ethiopia.”

We know for sure that Shaabia, the mother source of all misery and suffering in the region as a whole, has a very short life to live. Just now Shaabia is vesting all its interests in the border issue. And if Shaabia and TPLF go to war once again Afewarki is ascertained that this time round the death tall of TPLF army will be more than what it was during the 1998-2000 war. In fact Afewarki is sure that no Eritrean blood will be spilled this time as he has what he calls: “the gallant Ethiopian opposition groups inside Eritrea that are ready to chase the TPLF-army and claim Badme back to where it belongs – Eritrea. And no western power can save TPLF from its last demise since Shaabia has done its home work and will be involved only in the clinical surgery of it in helping remove the cancerous TPLF from the political arena of the region.”

All told, the night may be long but surely and eventually, a day will come soon when Ethiopia will retain access to the sea. Likewise, a day will come soon when Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples will join hands, talk the talk and walk the walk jointly for mutual socio-economic progress and peaceful co-existence. But the main precondition for these factors to be fulfilled is the wearing away of any form of tyranny both from Eritrea and Ethiopia.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    “But for what good is war really? Cannot we come to round table discussions and resolve our differences for the sake of peace?”

    I just wanted to remind the writer of this article that almost all opposition groups have tried and even begged the TPLF to sit down with them to sort their differences for the last 18 years. The current trend did not come out of the blue. Meles has repeatedly challenged opposition groups of all colours literraly to go to the bushes to reclaim their right. That is the Ethiopia that Meles has given the Ethiopian people

  2. hager wodad
    | #2

    I wish you were right, too optimistic and unrealistic,I think we have run out of time for TPLF and we have repeatedly witnessed the outcomes of a peaceful struggle

    | #3

    You are entitled to your opinion which is unworkable. The way things are going that “day” you are expecting will never come in your life time,even your children life time unless we do something drastic.If you think we can “round table” with woyane after all this time, may be,you should tell us what planet you live on! With all due respect “think out of the box”,sir!

  4. Nunu
    | #4

    To eradicate the minority-Tigrean-apartheid system not just from Ethiopia but from East Africa, we Ethiopians will work even with devil let alone with Shabia. ‘Yalteneka gilgil yawukal alu’;There is no any major enemy of Ethiopia than TPLF, the collection of narrow minded-blood suckers.

  5. Mengesha kebrom
    | #5

    Haven’t you heard from Dr. Birhanu Nega that he begged Melese and Co., until everyone says he is naive and was also susbected by many he was an insider, to resolve the impass peacefuly. To keep stolen seat and work in the future together to build necessay institutions. So, what more can be done to bring the current rulers to come to the table?

    God bless Ethiopia!!!

  6. andelenatu
    | #6

    the call for election by the opposition is past over due the ethiopian people vote was stolen during 2005 election.the one ethnic rule in ethiopia is ileegal and has no mandet.right now even though it should have een called long time a go it is ok ,but now right now the opposition has every right to call for an election.the brutal regime of melesse zenawi and his mafia group must accepet the ethiopian people choice.the struggle for democracy in ethiopia will prevail god bless

  7. Sewasew
    | #7

    The enmity between the Ethiopian people and ethnofascist woyane had reached to a point of no return. There is no way of reconciliation. One has to come out victorious – The Ethiopian people.

  8. general aman andom
    | #8

    ur analysis make sense in a way that weyane and shabia will destroy each other. and, ethiopia and eritrea ppl will come together to solve all the problem in the east africa.
    the war for badma make no sense at this time , even the first war was just the frastration of wayane. they had to invent a senaryo to deploy ethiopins to destroy shabia and create enemity between the ppl of eritreas and ethiopins ,for the saka of greater tigray.even now ,weyane is starting claiming asab to deploy ethiopiaans against shabia.
    do we have to go to war for some thing that can be solved in a round .table.
    let ethiopins and eritreans join hand to hnd so that weyane will be gone in short period of time.

  9. V is for Vendeta
    | #9

    Sprinkled with flowery good will, the writer wishes to realize a dream of hatching a bird from the egg of a serpent. This vengeful double- tang woyanes have demonstrated beyond shadow of a doubt that they don’t flinch to take us to hell unless we be enslaved for them . They venerate Melse as their salvation as long as he delivers the loots. They don’t mind fertile land of Ethiopians being given away to Sudan by Meles as long as it is not Badem. In 2005 election Meles officially took over all security forces under his personal command and ordered his specially trained agazi army to make 12 year old kids a shooting targets, aiming only their heads. What kind of a table round negotiation this guy is envisioning is a mystery . The chameleon Meles acts like a sassy girl when he feels he is cornered. Sensing now Ethiopians would go to any length to get rid of him , on one hand he is inviting Eritreans to come and take their property that was already dispersed for TPLF cadres. On the other hand the old frog (aboy) is blabbering about the mistake of giving away Aseb to Eritreans. Here is the final deal. No Ethiopians going to be deceived by cobra dance. Their hand is holding tight. Their shovel ready to pounce the double tangoed snake.

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    መለስ አገሪቱአን አተፍት እናችንፋለን

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