The Mystery of my Independence፡ A Poem dedicated to Prof. Asrat Woldyes – By Zenebe G. Tamirat

June 12th, 2009 Print Print Email Email

In the Horn of Africa where the mountains seem to meet the sky;

Along the shore of the sea that Mosses walked on:

And down there where the obelisks are;
Where the river they call Awash crosses the land of the Afar;
Where the waters of the Nile are worshipped by Egyptians
And at the spot they call Tis-Abay;
Roars from its cliff to reach its bed
Where it is no more aggressive but just a friend: And then,
Boiled by the mystery sun that changes it into vapor,
Rises again so high;
There rests Abyssinia!
The country of Ethiopia!
And there in the mist, not only I,
But every walk of life before me
Including mother of all mankind, Lucy,
Millions and millions of years ago were born in mystery.
And ever since, except those who left the land, everyone has been free.
Where I was born, every thing used to be in a band;
The trees in the jungle stand, so thick side by side;
Allowing no passer-by to pass amidst of them,
Even the wind could not have passed over,
Had it not whistled the national anthem!
With the wind whistling, leave alone the people,
The lions roar the sound of love,
And the tigers and the hypos, and the elephants dance,
The timid and the wild live in peace & relax.
Like birds of the same feather:
They walk together, they fly together and they eat together;
And when challenged they fight together!
Amazing beings! Amazing land!
So, fascinating and so thrilling! A blessed gift of God!
So, now I am aware of the mystery of my independence!
I see! I see! It was the might of this oneness!
The filament of Ethiopian-ness
That threaded us together to enjoy
The bond that clamped us long, long years ago until I was a little boy!
Oh! My God! We have lost those days!
Can we not make it back once again to enjoy as Ethiopians?
Breaking the sufferance of ethnic-based miserable fragments?
And becoming one and only once?

• (Dedicated to Professor Asrat Woldeyes, on the celebration of his 10th year of Memorial Day. Professor Asrat is a Martyr who lost his life fighting for the unity of Ethiopia)
• The poet, Zenebe G. Tamirat is available @

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