The imperative for Ethiopians dealing with Eritrea – By Neamin Zeleke

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There is a fundamental change in our thinking process. There is a shift of attitude among Ethiopians. A positive and essential change. Fuzziness of thought is giving way to clear thinking. A state of being in a limbo and inaction are succumbing to decision and a resolve for action. Vacillation and lack of confidence are clearing way to faith in oneself and confidence in the ability to change an utterly unacceptable life under an ethnocentric and brutal dictatorship. Confidence and faith that no one else but only Ethiopians can liberate our country from the fascistic and ethnocentric dictatorship of the minority Tigrean elite. Confidence that we are able and willing to do it by forging alliances with who ever accepts our need and willing to work with us towards our national salvation. Ethiopia’s national salvation could only be a reality if Ethiopian patriotic and democratic forces have a base, and outside support to wage their multi-pronged struggle. The requisite is for a sovereign country to become a trusted ally of Ethiopian opposition forces and provide them all around support.

Such is the defining moment in the making indeed. A surge of a critical mass of Ethiopians who are yearning for freedom and wiling to do whatever it takes. Ethiopians are saying “give me death or give me liberty.” No more tribal dictatorship! The people of Ethiopia are coming to the final and unequivocal resolve. Our people are saying we must, once and for all, take the destiny of this generation and that of Ethiopia’s posterity into our hands. A paradigm shift is taking place, a shift towards the view that in order to liberate Ethiopia from the anti-Ethiopia ruling Tigrayan mafia, Ethiopians need to make a strategic alliance with the State of Eritrea. The Rubicon has been crossed.

Ethiopians abroad and at home recognize that the quest for peaceful struggle is hopelessly dwindling. Whatever little political space there was for peaceful forms of struggle in the country have been blocked by the TPLF regime to essentially cripple Ethiopian opposition groups from gaining any meaningful support from the Ethiopian people. The regime has devised numerous machinations to prevent a repeat of the 2005 phenomena from unfolding again.

Serfdom or Liberty

Tigrayan minority dictatorship has made it clear time and again that it will never heed the call and the demand for our freedom, the quest for real and genuine multi-party democracy, and the thirst for justice and yearning for the rule of law by the people of Ethiopia. It would not listen to our demand for equality and doing away with the domination of a single and minority ethnic elite in all spheres and aspects of the Ethiopian state, economy, military, etc. Meles Zenawi’s Gestapo known as Agazi, Federal Police and the other death squads of the ruling Tigrean mafia committed all that carnage against our people during the 2005 election. Millions endured humiliation and tens of thousands were crushed by the brutality unleashed against them. The old and young, women and children alike were rounded up by the tens of thousands to be taken to the concentration camps in Dedesa, Birr Shelko, and Ziway. Savage and sub-human treatment were meted out against unarmed, peaceful protesters and those who watched on the sidelines. The entire massacre in the hundreds, the inhuman torture and imprisonment of tens of thousands of Ethiopians by the TPLF regime was with one and sole objective of ensuring the continuation of its illegitimate rule.

As well known at various times during its tenure, the TPLF has unleashed its atrocities against the Amhara; it has committed atrocities against the Oromo people. It has committed genocide against our people in the Ogden region, and crimes against humanity against our people in Gamebela. Thousands of people from southern parts of Ethiopia were killed at various times due to the TPLF’s deliberate fanning of ethnic differences to divide and rule. In the name of constitution and “constitutional order” it has instituted a political system where there is a rule of the “jungle”, as Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam once dubbed the reality in Ethiopia, in contradistinction to the rule of law. Each and every article of the so-called constitution has been violated by the regime itself. Essentially a constitution is a social contact between the governed and the governors. And that social contract has been breached time and again none other than by its own author, the TPLF. To begin with, the so-called constitution was designed in such a way that a single and minority ethnic elite under the leadership of the TPLF and a group of satellite organizations and feeble individuals from other ethnic groups would be able to control every aspect of life. Much that has been made public in words and writings vividly and in no uncertain terms prove the unprecedented and hitherto unseen drive of minority Tigrean elite for domination of Ethiopia and the concomitant relegation of all other ethnic groups to a second class citizen status. Any threat to such domination by minority ethnic elite under the TPLF leadership is labeled a crime against the “constitutional order” and the “constitution”.

In a nut shell, this brutal dictatorship has strangled the Ethiopian people for the past eighteen years and bleeding us dry. It is this reality which proves time and again that such an evil force will not relinquish power unless forced to do so by a force through a determined, steadfast, and bitter struggle waged on all fronts by our people using all the available and necessary means.

The people of Ethiopia from all ethnic groups have crossed the threshold where any human being can carry abuse, total humiliation, deprivation, and being reduced to sub-human beings, second class citizens a la apartheid South Africa. There is now fundamental recognition that is permeating across a broad spectrum of Ethiopians that the source of all ills, all malaise, and our national agony is none other than the TPLF mafia holding the levers of state power. And that dictators rarely give up state power unless forced through a bitter struggle.

Freedom can not be realized without a sacrifice that is needed from each every one of us. Liberty can never materialize without fighting for it. And dictators will not give up unless we fight for our rights. And as Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, aptly observed two centuries ago, the tree of liberty has to be watered with the blood of tyrants in order for it to blossom. Today, the Ethiopian people are not only demanding for their liberty but willing to fight and make all kinds of sacrifice for it. We are at cross roads; we either choose freedom or accept and live in serfdom.

No Permanent Enemy

If Ethiopians are serious about our freedom, rule of law, genuine democracy; if we care for our liberty from tyranny, we must think of outside “the box”. We must think on our own terms and stand on our grounds regardless of what our arch enemies define as to who Ethiopia’s enemies are and who is not. The TPLF regime, Ethiopia’s arch nemesis and internal cancer that is eating away our national fabric, must not be allowed to dictate and set the agenda as regard to who is for Ethiopia and who is against Ethiopia, as it has no moral grounds whatsoever, nor historical track record to tell us so. If allying with Eritrea is found useful, rational, necessary and sustainable — after examining all the hard facts and looking at all the strategic advantages and disadvantages of doing so — then it should be done on these criteria alone. Least of all, not because the Tigrayan dictatorship and its mouthpieces abroad dictate to us and attempt to bombard us shamelessly as to who should be our allay and who should not. There is no doubt in the mind of any sane Ethiopian that Ethiopia’s national interest has never been one and the same with that of the TPLF’s interest and agenda. It never was and nor will it ever be.

It is then imperative for Ethiopians to deal with Eritrea towards strategic steps, in the long term interest of the two peoples. Understandably, for many of our fellow Ethiopians this may leave a bitter taste. But we can not continue to live and relive in the past. We have to move forward and look towards the future, although no single soul would dare question the fact that Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia lost much when Eritrea became an independent state. So did the people of Eritrea. They too lost. That is then, but we are here now. For the sake of both Ethiopians and Eritreans, we should be able to put all agendas on the table. The loses, in all their manifestations that attended the separation of the two countries, could be worked out for a mutually advantageous gain for the two countries and their peoples’ future peace and development, be it economic, security, and maritime matters central to both countries — an issue extensively addressed by the President of Eritrea during his recent interview. We Ethiopians should be bold enough to start honest dialogue along this line.

Lord Palmerson, the often quoted British statesman, aptly said that nations do not have permanent friends or enemies, but permanent interests. The central question then becomes, if Woyane allied itself with EPLF to promote its strategic interest, why can’t the current Ethiopian opposition do the same? The President of Eritrea asked the same question in his recent interview with Elias Kifle and Sileshi Tilahun. But the differences between what the TPLF stood for then and what the Ethiopain patriotic and democratic forces stand for now is like that of light and darkness. Moreover, the President of Eritrea has made it public that his country has no intention of working against Ethiopia’s unity. What we expect is for him to live up to his public pronouncements.

Hence, the people of Ethiopia have to see the incontrovertible reality eye to eye. We have to come to terms with the unfolding reality. The cruel reality, the undeniable fact, the incontestable truth that has come out loud and clear. Ethiopia’s current agony and the excruciating pain our people have been forced to endure each and every day have their immediate, clear and present causes not with Eritrea, but the TPLF-led minority regime that claims to represent less the 6% of the population strangulating and suffocating a nation and 80 million Ethiopians.

  1. tewbel
    | #1

    Appropriate and timely.

  2. Mann enmrT
    | #2

    Both meles & afeworki are evils. They should be eliminated with their sycophants. Then only then peace can be established the region.
    Ethiopians fighting for freedom don’t need to go to afeworki as their sole and dependable supporter. That would be a catastrophic.
    The writer says “The requisite is for a sovereign country to become a trusted ally of Ethiopian opposition forces and provide them all around support.”
    This view was one right_for so called socialist movements.
    The writer priscribes the following as the a fullfilment what he calls requiiste above : “… Ethiopians need to make a strategic alliance with the State of Eritrea.”

    I don’t understand why outside support is that much important. According this writer “Ethiopians are saying “give me death or give me liberty.”’
    What’s lacking is not foreign support. Bu a vissionary organizing and leading strong organization. Afeworki cannot fill that gap, if he’s not the one to create that hole.

    Here and there we see articles regarding the necessity of get rid of the DICTATOR. But few dare to reveal their platform_how to resolve the country’s cronic issues. This makes it clear that the opposition is not yet ready to lead the the people.
    From this I can conclude that if there is any group working under the auspices of afeworki and the likes won’t be different than the current dictator, if not worse.
    First reach agreement among yourselves and get the trust of the people. meles doesn’t have the trust of the people. His power is your weaknes and lack of long vission.
    Here I’m not against external support. But external patronage, especially from afeworki is unacceptable by any measure.

  3. Tesfu
    | #3

    Remeber brother if I dare to call you so, Your attitude of deviding us is unhealthy and too cheap a tactic to use today. Politics, ruling party may change but not the way you are thinking. You sound a traitor who never knew Twodro, Yohannes, menelik people who died in the war front saying with my rival at home we will have time but with the enemies of the country there is no time to spare. Yes, only narrow minded people like you can change alleance so easily for such a short sighted and egocentric purpose.
    Peace and prosperity to Mother Ethiopia

  4. seifu
    | #4

    To: jony2002, kinfe at ethioforum

    we know who you are. you are TPLF. The eritrean & ethiopian people have one thing in common.
    a common enemy that is TPLF.
    we will smash you.
    ethiopian and eritrean join hand against common enemy.
    Down with TPLF
    Death with TPLF

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    guys i would advise u to see the reality…i`m eritrean who fight for the freedom of eritrea and belive the sovernity of ethiopia …!! most don`t realy understand this statement becouse of the psycological back ground what were told since the end of world war 2 and after the british give back the government to haile silase . the british and americas creat a new strategy to control the east africa and win the war on comunist like. so that they fabricate many history which a complite fabricate but after many suport and publition from the west specialy at the begining from the u.k later becouse of losing it`s supewer power(after D-DAY) the u.s ..until these days generation by generation belived based in fabricated story ..which `s never be part of the real history of what we call now ethiopia..!!let`s be honest and accept the real who we are in history , belive me as a country which has a sovernity with what we have know map and peoples come to this world political map is in 19th century. ladys and gentle mens when eritrea become part of ethiopia through c.i.a and british inteligent they made a power change by being feudal system over capitalism..eritrean were very developed the had developed national assosiation and system ..even some who were thinking of pan africanism movment even haileslase use this people ideas as his own in late creating of AOU.EVEN TO BE HONEST WITH U when queen elizabet invited to ethiopia u know where she visit to asmara and there still a monument for their favour to control eritrea even the reson of her visit to asmera was becouse asmera was the best city in africa and the only city in ethiopia ..he don`t wanna be ashemed be bringing her to addis…however most people in ethiopian become out of the feudalism after derg come to power ..and realy most become and a ware of unity with out knowlege and realy since then all the songs just about having a country with a border of a sea if possible to have assab ..but even mengustu hailemaria `s cring boodly and paid about milions lives..but for nothing ..and mr. meles ,sibhat or there party creat another genocide in 98,2001 and it`s part of the un told stories..even most suport meles for said assab ..return to ethiopia..waw gentle men whether u belive it or not even after eritrea become independence using all the horbours with out any payment as their own land who gonna make this kind of favour after 100000 lives and bilion lost? no one but eritrean do..let me give u my testimonial as a person who saw the war if we were continue the war what u see today ethiopia could be over …but we control the stuation and back to the normal until the ethiopian come to their mind (out from the sterio type thinking,actualy the aportunity comes now and let ethiopian stand just for the ethiopian and please to thinking sterio type thinking that`s what weyane doing ..and that the game they play…wake up time`s over no more dream..
    may god bless ethiopia and n s

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    we don’t need any support from confused ‘scareisayas afeworki. we don’t need eritrean help or their friendship. let them take care their own business. Eritrean afeworki need to stay out of our business we will take care our own issue. He is Jealouse because his wish didn’t come true. He tried so many things to hurt our country and nothing worked. Why is he talking about meles been in power for over 17 years when he is doing the same thing. He should be an example to Melse by stepping down first and allow his people choose their president. He consider himself as a king like arabs and don’t want to be replaced. B.S that is what he is. He is sleepless in Eritrea and looks scared about something.

  7. Sewasew
    | #7

    How about the alliance between woyane and Eritrea for almost 2 decades before the 1998-2000 war? Why an alliance you made with a foriegn country is holy but short sighted/egocentric when we make one?
    Like it or not the Ethiopian freedom fighters are working with PIA and will strengthen their multi-faceted friendship with their Eritrean brothers.


  8. aha!
    | #8

    In the TPLF and EPLF alliance both were wedging war from the their locality to fight the Derg regime. After the fall of Derg they both moved into Addis the seat of the government and were exploiting the country together, even after independence of Eritrea to the exclusion of others until they disagreed on issues and parted. This was followed by a border war, which brought a doble whammy for Ethiopian army and airforce that had to fight two wars. In first it lost its ports and Eritrea. In the second, it lost human lives and resources to no gains both in terms of regaining its ports and and the border areas with Tigrai.

    While that remained unresolved, why are we being persuaded to work with Eritrean leader unless his intention to form a union with Ethiopia, a movement that shoud have come from the grass root movement as genuine solution to aspire for Ethiopian unity and freedom of all Ethiopians. With kind of unified goals and armed struggle as the strategy to achieve that goal, however, dubious. Why now this persuasion comes to the fore front when Ginbot 7, a dissident of kinijit took this task as part time job away from EPPF and TPDM, where all of them are fighting from within their localities to forge similar alliance as that of TPLF and EPLF.

    From the stand point of the opposition parties, the parties are split along ethnic and secessionist agenda, of maintaining the status quo and those with national agenda for the unity of Ethiopia and freedom of all Ethiopians. Without these internal factions coming together over the common agenda as opposed to ethnic agenda, is Ginbot 7, EPPF,TPDM and other with seccessionist agenda, are going to impose the national agenda of unity and freedom of all Ethiopians on TPLF/eprdf and loyalist oppositon parties, now called Medrek. Or is it going to to put TPLF/eprdf and support Medrek , an alter ego to TPLF. The sytem is still there. Or is Ginbot 7 with its Eritrean support is going to hold on to power to maintain stability at the gun point, but gentler and kinder this time, should it overpower TPLF/eprdf, with war fatigued army from both sides. IF the agenda is unity of Ethiopia and freedom of all Ethiopians genuine peaceful struggle will suffice to bring TPLF/eprdf to its knees without firing a shot with a unified strategies by all parties. You had for years to do that. We do not need Eritrean regime to liberate Ethiopians, we need movements from within Eritrea and within Ethiopia to free themselves from regimes to restore Ethiopian unity and assert their individual liberty.

  9. Dagne
    | #9

    Excellent analysis.

    It really feels like the Ethiopian consciousness and movement has never reached such height of awareness and steadfastness before. And I don’t think the TPLF will be able to thwart the on-coming tsunami this time around. Let’s us stand together and let’s NOT allow the TPLF to saw discord thru its wolves-in-sheeps-clothing agents again!

  10. Giberu
    | #10

    Think trawice before you use your brain. Eritrea is the ememy of Ethiopia.They were blood sucker from the beging till 1998.Their dream isn’t come true.I gave credit for wayiane to get ride of the blood sucker
    except he gave away Asabe.We got to get back Asabe and talk good
    friendship.No friendship without Asabe.

  11. Pure eritrean
    | #11

    Guys what u need to kno is ,if Issias is unable to dissolve and seperate

    Ethiopia ,I am deadly sure I will do it.Who do u think will pay for the

    suffer we have passed and we are still on it.Becaus of the fucken

    shites,undermined ,undeveloped ethiopians ,they have been a fallen shite

    in their history and they will be in their life.So we need to sweep them

    and clear them wether they like it or not.ppl with no values are

    ethiopians.Eve issais is ethiopian thats why he is acting like u

    ethiopians .

    LOng live to z Mass of eritrea.

  12. please lets respect each other!!!!
    | #12

    lest God bring pease to both people.we donot trust meles we donot trus Issia Afwerki,we donot trust mengustu.we trust only God
    we are people we wish freedom in Eritrea,still Eritrea is under dark age with dictetorship rule of Afwerki(evil).Afwerki needs to dvided Etiopha in Amaharic,Oroma,Tigray&regini ogaden to somalia.bad God will what is write to him.but any be sure we Eritrean have no problem with Ethiopan

  13. please lets respect each other!!!!
    | #13

    sorry for mistake writting
    i wish to say the day afwerki end,i am one of his victm insde Eritrea
    i am Eritrean but i hate my identy Eritrea

  14. tewbel
    | #14

    I don’t understand some of the commentators here above that maake of Eritrea the Big Bad Wolf. Ethiopian are 80 million and have the larger land mass and resources, while Eritrea has 5 million peeople with one fifth of land. Why are this people afraid and trying to convince us to scare us ?
    The problem that they are hiding their own and cowardice by creating a phantom enemy. Why do they not stand up to the enemy at home? Instead of gossiping like old women on the internet.

  15. ALEX
    | #15

    To please lets respect each other: first you are not an Eritrean but you give your comment as an Eritrean. you are a fulishe person. i can tell you where you are from.leve alon Eritrea and thire Pr. Isayas afewerki- we must think first about Ethiopia not Eritrea. i know you are from Tigiray and you need to confiuzed the ppl as an Eritrean ke ke ke ke keeeeee. you are a lier like your master Meles and sebhat. what we wait from your kind of ppl only hate , divideing , war ,…etc. but do not think after this we fight with Eritrean! Ethiopia for Ethiopian and Eritrea for Eritreans. god bless Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  16. ALEX
    | #16

    free birtukan mekedesa. she is a great demokratik women and she can led our cuntry Ethiopia free and legal means. god blees Ethiopia mama.

  17. amde
    | #17

    Guys, how do you think that anyone who support Al Shabaab and allied group Hizbul Islam would be the friend of Ethiopian people? Think

  18. wedi shifta
    | #18


  19. Picaso
    | #19

    I am an Eritrean to beggin with. Issaias could not be your ally in any attempted democratic change in Ethiopia. That shoul be clear as he is as ignorant as Meles. However, whenever there is a discussion about anything involving Ethiopia and Eritrea, a lot of people would like to bring Assab as an issue. Assab is an Eritrean port period. It had never been Ethiopian and will never be. Even some Ethiopians say Woyane gave Assab to Eritrea. Well this is funny. Even the biggest army in Africa at that time – the Derg- could not stop Eritreans from controlling the Red sea let alone Assab. Most Ethiopians think that Assab is the solution to their problem. How can this be true? The whole Red Sea coast was with ethiopia for decades but it has been one of the poorest countries in the world. With the Red Sea or without it Ethiopia remained to be poor. The Assab matter is dead. It is only used to fuel some nationalistic sentiments of Ethiopia which is not to the best interest of the people. Always there is undeniable fact in our case. Anytime Ethiopia try to mess up with Eritrea, the result is always catastrophic for both peoples. War is the enemy of both peoples. Any governement in Ethiopia should recognize the territorial integrity of Eritrea otherwise there will be another catastrophic war as usual. While we talk – war war war war Assab Assab Assab ….. the whole world is talking about democracy, science, technology, communication, living standard, and construction but as usual we are busy fighting for nothing and end up being the poorest in Africa. Both peoples have nothing but arrogance and emity pride in narrow nationalism and ethinicity. To make matters worse, the so-called leaders use this achillesheel as their weapon to antagonize both peaples and stay in power as a result. What a mess I am tired of hearing nonesense about Eritrea and Ethiopia. A lot of nations had been in war between each other but they were able to overcome their difference and start a new life. Even Rwanda was able to rise from its tragedic trauma of genocide. But we Eritreans and Ethiopians how can we overcome our differences with arrogans and empity pride in nationalism. The world is moving towards political and economic integration while respecting the sovereghnity of nations with less regard to artificial political borders. But we what a curse- we are living in the medieval times when greatness was manifested by how many wars you win and how many people you kill. Lets be grown up and ecourage the people to respect each other otherwise as usual we will keep fighting and move backward to the point of below zero.

  20. Mann enmrT
    | #20

    tewbel :I don’t understand some of the commentators here above that maake of Eritrea the Big Bad Wolf. Ethiopian are 80 million and have the larger land mass and resources, while Eritrea has 5 million peeople with one fifth of land. Why are this people afraid and trying to convince us to scare us ?The problem that they are hiding their own and cowardice by creating a phantom enemy. Why do they not stand up to the enemy at home? Instead of gossiping like old women on the internet.

    I don’t understand what you’re talking. Did you understand the article?
    In short it tells us eritria is ethiopia’s saviour. So, who belittled your country more than the contributor of the article?
    You know israel is far smaller than its “haters”.
    How about tplf!?
    I’m against the role of afeworki in patronizing the so called ethiopian opposition. He himself is a dectator and most eritrians want his back by any means. second he has set a big plan to destroy ethioia and his main goal is acomplishment of that. How can one can trust his arch enemy?
    This person is an out cast infront of world leaders.
    The writer told us tha the people of ethiopia is ready to pay any sacrifice to get rid of meles. If that is true why should one need a foreign terrein? The enemy is scatterd all over that large part of the country and is it not easy to start the struggle in every corner…every street in ethiopia?
    The writer is just writing to impress someone who pays him or her for such nonsencse_the role of afeworki in saving ethiopians.
    Afeworki and meles are already done.Should leave us in peace.Nothing good should be expected from them.

  21. mateos
    | #21

    Think the damages done by tplf to the people of Ethiopia before you say this and that about Eritrea or Issayas. The damage done against Ethiopians by the Meles tplfies are way too much and unforgiven. Wether you agree or not Meles’s or tplf’s action and reaction against Ethiopians will haunt the average Tigryans for many generations to come. Whatever that is been said and done from here on after in Ethiopia is the survival mooves by Meles and his boss Bereket Simon. Wake up and trying to live the 21st century rather than ethnic cleansing or instigating one group against the other.

  22. FITHUM
    | #22

    Nega shut your mouth please? what kind of day light dream is this? how can you say longlive meles? do you have mind to think well? do you have religion? i need to tell you ABAY TIGRAI is not and will not happen forever. ke ke ke ke kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  23. Shiferaw
    | #23

    Any one with the right mind be it opposition or organizations to
    associate with shaebia{sons and daughters of bandas}will be a suicide.
    Essayas is not a model for a democracy struggle to begin with he is
    dictator.Don’t be fooled, you may heard him saying on the ethio-review
    that he wants to see peaceful and strong ethiopia economicaly etc.but
    actually is the opposite.You can tell by his past crime commited on
    ethiopians.The person who wrote this article is blind foleded not able
    to see anything.The truth of the matter is even though the opposition
    dislike meles[eprdf]they know by the time they associate themselves with
    essayas they will loose peoples confidence and this is a futile for their

  24. Anonymous
    | #24

    Isayassssss.ass is now trying his last resort because nothing he planned has worked. The people he recruted in the past to hurt our country didn’t make much of a diffrence. They were just barking like dogs outside of our border. He is playing smart now by organizing his own amaharic speaking Eritrian people act as they were Ethiopian Jegna. Isayassss.ass don’t try to foul us at all. Because most of us love our lovely country Ethiopia so much and will not be persuaded by you. To tell you the truth Meles is a smart leader than you and he is doing much better in leading 80 million people. It takes a strong leader to lead a country like ours and still dealing with a jealous neighbour like you. All I say is that Eritrea just stay out of our business so we can focus on our economic development. To those desperate people of ours ” the ones who are power hungry ” and want Isayas’s help why don’t you just ask him if you can get Eritrean citizenship. Because you are already proved to us that you are not qualified to lead our country. You are conspiring with our enemy to get to what you want. That is not the way to go… and shame on you..

  25. Banda
    | #25

    I think all ethiopians have to come together and rise-up against
    shaebia and dismantle the terrorist organization which is the sympathizer
    and supporter of international terrorists organazation.
    If you want to catch fish from the pool either by hook another option is by draining the water.So if you want to have peace in ethiopia from all
    terrorists with in the country or outside you have to deal with shaebia
    first as they the ones the source of the problem.We Ethiopians have to
    send Army to shaebia [Eritrea] NOT SOMALIA.

  26. Dubale
    | #26

    Ethiopia first!

  27. Demes
    | #27

    First of all who is in the mind of healty Ethiopian mind has the Affinity and love of Eritreans you start commenting about the relation of Eritreans to Ethiopia. who told you to do so that?
    Ethiopia is good now without Eritreans and this is something you cannot reverse it.
    Eritreans are deported from Ethiopia seccessfully after the war.
    If any Eritrean need to invest in Ethiopia will be well comed like any other foreigner it is already drafted ,other than that dont spend your leisue time writing foolish comment creating yourself on Eritreans relation with Ethiopia that the Ethiopians dont need at all.
    Stay where you are see what is going on with Isayas in a few time ahead yourself.

  28. Ethiopiawi
    | #28

    War with Eritrea was catastrophic only to Eritrea. Eritrea is still weeping from the past war and is now on the verge of self inflicted destruction. Ethiopians have long forgotten the war with Eritrea altogether. What really puzzles me is while Ethiopians had clearly beaten up to death Eritrea by capturing a 1/3 of its territory in 2000, yet Eritreans talk of teaching a lesson to Ethiopia again if another war erupts over Assab. Eritreans, be forewarned, the primary duty of the Ethiopian leader after Meles will be to take Assab. It will be a matter of few hours battle. Assab will be back, Eritrea will remain with the leftover of itself. Again, Eritreans don’t forget what happened to the Islamist government of Somalia in 2006. They were talking tough about their superior skills in battle. In a matter of hours, they lost everything to the Ethiopian army and degenerated into hit and run gorilla warfare. The fate of Eritrea will be similar after Meles.

  29. gudekonew
    | #29

    Both woyanye and shabiya are diffrent sides of the same coin. Shabiya has never wanted Ethiopianism. I disagree to cooperate with shabiya to remove the hologians(woyanes). It is the Ethiopians who will remove woyanye once and for all soon. Long live to Ethiopians!!!!

  30. tazabi
    | #30

    Isee the article ths first pease come from eritrea&ethiopia help each ather ie hate others you the seitan now no war between the two people yalefew war yibcal please guys think to pease no to war

  31. Aba Mella
    | #31

    forgive me for my view: why do we need to talk about eritrea? they choose to try their way, let them go. I wish them all the best to enjoy their crap. As an Ethiopian, I never cared and will never care about this people. I am worried about my own citizens and happy to discuss in this regard. I want to read and hear anything about my country and not interested in any way about this dirty people. Their mind is full of crap and far away from reality. When I read some of their egoist ideas, it makes me sick. Let them enjoy their hopeless land. I do not know why Meles accepted them in my country, I prefer to live with a Somali than with these idiots.

  32. የቆአራው ካሳ
    | #32

    Eritrea is our enemy and so is TPLF. We do NOT need Eritrea to overthrow Woyane. WE have to depart from the pre-1991 boundary of Ethiopia or at least have a new boundary for Eritrea on the basis Menelik’s and Italy’s agreement(The Mereb Melash line). WE should be clear in mind that we have to liberate Ethiopia from Woyane and Shaebya. We can approach Egypt or Israel or Arab League for military assistance. Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc might be ready to help. We can also sollicit South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya for military and political help. (no african country, no black man and woman in the world would want to see the humuliation of Ethiopia. It lost it’s own ports and Sea to Eritrea!)It depends on our political programme and on how we appeal to the international community. “Eritrea” is part of the problem and we have not to recognize it as a country. We eill have to appeal to the UN about the illegtimacy of the secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia. Please do not join hands with eritreans. They are bad people. Even the tigreans could be ignored. Issayas is going to sabotage Ginbot 7. Ginbot 7 should distance itself from Eritrea and it should not recognize it as a legtimate country. An indepedent ethiopian movement will get much support from Africans all over the world. What we need is a determined leadership which stands against Shaebya and Woyane.

  33. ahmed
    | #33

    If we join with eritrean, The life time of TPLF gangs will be shorten.
    We have to join eritrean to deafeat weyane TPLF agazzi baby killer.
    else, why will be in power for next 40 years.
    Isyas- pro ethiopia.
    meles agazzi baby killer- anti-ethiopia and pro-tigray
    Death to weyane
    support our freedom fighters

  34. ahmed
    | #34

    If we join with eritrean, The life time of TPLF gangs will be shorten.
    We have to join eritrean to deafeat weyane TPLF agazzi baby killer.
    else, they will be in power for next 40 years.
    Isyas- pro ethiopia.
    meles agazzi baby killer- anti-ethiopia and pro-tigray
    Death to weyane
    support our freedom fighters

  35. Mann enmrT
    | #35

    ahmed :If we join with eritrean, The life time of TPLF gangs will be shorten.We have to join eritrean to deafeat weyane TPLF agazzi baby killer.else, they will be in power for next 40 years.Isyas- pro ethiopia.meles agazzi baby killer- anti-ethiopia and pro-tigrayDeath to weyanesupport our freedom fighters

    Don’t waste your time. We know your tricks. You never represent Ethiopians. We are not interested in the demise of one dictator and repacement of it with another which is ready to full fill its creators old dream_creating of banana republics, which is in the making…but also crumbling …..
    Our Eritrian brothers and sisters would be also freed from afeworki tyranny…afeworki can reconcil with his brother at arat killo and try again his chance. Not with us.

    Neamin Zeleke can day dream as mengistu did….
    Ethiopians won’t be misled by such rosy propagandas…

  36. Anonymous
    | #36

    We don’t need your advice banda eritrean. you are the ememy of ethiopia
    so stay away from our affairs.

  37. Anonymous
    | #37

    Why don’t Isayas stay out of our business. That is the greatest help he can offer to our people. He just realized that his country is the one that is landlocked with out Ethiopia. We are doing fine with or without his barren country. His dream was to have the best ecnomic power of the region over the expense of our people. Sir..that is not going to happen . Dream on..

  38. selam kegziabher
    | #38

    Ertrawiyan, Ethiopiawyan wendmochena ehtoche fith, erqna selam yemimetaw kegziabher bicha new slezi hulachinim wede egziabher inimeles, egziabhern betebitachn, yersbers dem bemefases bedilenewl, ers bers mewenejajelun titen egziabhern kelib hatiyatachnn yiqir belen inibelew, ersum yiqir yilenal yane befiqrna beselam teqebabilen lininor inichilalen. God bless Eritrea and Ethiopia

  39. Anonymous
    | #39

    It is surpising that some one with the nickname ‘Ethiopiawi’ said the war affected Eritrea only and Ethiopians do not remember it. He also said that Ethiopia controlled 1/3 of Eritrea during the war and Ethiopia should go to war to control Assab which according to him will be a matter of two hours. Well I find it very disgusting. I will ask you just a simple question. Are you willing to join the army to help them in doing it? I bet you will not and you will be scared of the very fact of thinking about it let alone going to war. Who is going to die for your stupid idea. Take a lead and then you are right. Let me tell you the truth. You might forget the war, but the peasnats of Ethiopia who were robed of their precious sons will never forget it. How long will you play with the blood of the peasants and the poor who are powerless to resist? More than 120,000 Ethiopians died in the so-called border war. Doesn’t that make you sad or it is entartainment for you because you are hiding in a peaceful coutry in the west? I wish Eritrea give you Assab and see what you can do with it. I bet Ethiopia will use it to transport food aids from the west in the name of the poor. Assab is not a solution for Ethiopias problems. It is a problem created in a minds of pathetic people such as you who can never get enough of innocent blood. There are a lot of things to worry about in the 21st century other than war. But people like you are taking both countries backwards.

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