UN ‘runs out of aid for Ethiopia’ – BBC

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The UN says the Ethiopian authorities have exacerbated the situation by refusing it permission to use a fleet of trucks to transport the grain from Djibouti.

The UN has warned that it has run out of food to provide for nine million Ethiopians who rely on its assistance.

A UN spokesman told the BBC the port of Djibouti was seriously congested and there was little prospect of supplies arriving for the next five months.

Following a border war, Eritrea denied Ethiopia access to its ports, so the landlocked country relies on Djibouti.

Correspondents say this time of year is known as “the hunger season”, three months before the next harvest.

The UN World Food Programme says breast-feeding mothers, children and refugees will be among those worst hit.

It warns after it hands out final rations this month there will be no further deliveries until September or October.

The agency says it has no option but to cut back on the food they provide, which has already been cut by a third since July 2008.

“We have a small refugee population here and their ration is being cut by half beginning this month. We run out of food and people will be very hungry,” WFP’s Barry Came told the BBC.

BBC Africa analyst Martin Plaut says in the jargon of the aid agencies, the food pipeline has ruptured.

The port of Djibouti is full to overflowing and the Ethiopian government has prioritised the delivery of fertiliser, to try to increase the next harvest.

But even when the grain gets through the WFP says there is an acute shortage of trucks, with the Ethiopian authorities preventing the agency from bringing in its own fleet from Sudan.

The UN says the Ethiopian authorities have exacerbated the situation by refusing it permission to use a fleet of trucks to transport the grain from Djibouti.

  1. gerum
    | #1

    UN ‘runs out of aid for Ethiopia’? NO PROBLEM we will just go to Mekele and borrow some food thats where all the stolen Ethiopian resource is stroed by woyane

  2. ይሁን
    | #2

    Another form of Genocide, It could not provide trucks and did not want to allow WFP trucks to be used. What a shame, i feel sick in my stomach.

  3. h.a
    | #3

    This could lead to one desireable outcome,possibley, popular uprising
    both in rural and urban areas. may god have the transition peaceful and
    with out loss of lifes.

  4. h.a
    | #4

    Meles stresses need for transforming agriculture-bio energy interaction in Africa

    this biofuel crap science is to bring mass starvation and elimination of
    what is refered as useless eaters is from world wild life fund fininceirs
    beastile mind. here, we see meles, supporting this bankrapt idea while the nation has 9000000 with out aid according to BBC.
    Fox, we hear all this in a day.


  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    God Bless the Women and children who is going to be affected by this, I’m sure one day those HODAM CADRES with their families will pay for this. they are not even smart enough to learn from the past.

  6. said
    | #6

    h.a weyane banda. we are comming after you soon.
    what is going on weyane. I thought we were building train, buying 34 planes while our poeple ethiopian sratving.

  7. general aman andom
    | #7

    i feel sad for ppl of ethiopia to have a government like weyane to rule them. how could that a government wants aid but ,refuse to transport the aid to the needy.
    and the baised report of bbc made me sad. how could bbc claims that eritrea refuse to let ethiopia to use the ports. isayas said a while ago that he would never do that.
    if ethiopians want to use the port of asab to transport the aid to the needy,it would be the begining of peacefull existence of the ppl of eritrea and ethiopia

  8. Sami
    | #8

    i have no doubt that this is a clear genocide attempt by Meles and his stupid weyanne followers. The whole world in general, Ethiopians in particular should know that weyannes have the characteristics of Nazies. We should watch them closely. They also need to know that they can’t hide in tigray after the committed genocide. We all know that Meles is already under investigation for the genocide that he committed against the Ethiopian people.

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