Stop Repression in Ethiopia – Solidarity committee for ethiopian political prisoners

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This June, we remember the 4th anniversary of a callous massacre perpetrated by TPLF/EPRDFs regime on peaceful demonstrators in Ethiopia. Four years ago during this month TPLF/EPRDFs Special Forces mowed down hundreds of innocent protestors and tortured and locked up thousands in concentration camps. By so doing, the regime did not only kill and torture innocent citizens; it also unmasked once and for all its democratic pretensions and exposed to the entire world its brutal and despotic nakedness.

For long, Ethiopians have been bleeding under the incumbent regime, but it has taken great care to hide all its criminal foot prints.

Since its forceful accession to power in 1991, opponents of the regime have been disappearing mysteriously and civil society leaders have been murdered in broad day light. Witness the capture and disappearance of EPRP leaders such as Tsegaye G/Medihin, Yisahaq Debre Tsion, Aberash Berta etc; witness the assassination of veteran Ethiopian Teachers Association leader Assefa Maru a Human Rights Advocate Tesfaye Tadesse. The list goes on; it is safe to say that the regime has failed to account for the disappearance and political assassinations of many, many thousands of Ethiopians. The regime has yet to accept guilt or bring those responsible for the massacre of June and November 2005.

While accounting for these and other crimes still remains pending, the regime continues to compound abuse after abuse. Apart from out right murder and disappearances, the TPLF/EPRDF regime traps and indefinitely jails its opponents in order to cripple them physically and psychologically. Its dungeons have devoured great political leaders such as Professor Asrat W/Yes and Abera Yemaneab. In the same token, currently, UDJ leader, Judge Bertukan Mideksa is suffering in solitary confinement. Teddy Afro and the recently jailed military personnel are victims of the regimes hallucination and political insecurity.

SOCEPP Canada calls up on all peace loving people and organizations to condemn the extensive violation of rights in Ethiopia and to hold the ruling TPLF/EPRDF accountable for such despicable actions.

We also ask the donor community to make any further assistance to the ruling TPLF/EPRDF conditional on tangible and measurable improvement of human rights and democratization.

Finally, we urgently call up on the ruling TPLF/EPRDF to release all political prisoners without any precondition , refrain from any further violation of rights and to open up the political space to include all Ethiopian political groups without delay.

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