A Call Out to all Wolkait Tegede Ethiopians

April 3rd, 2009
  1. Ethio selam
    | #1

    Who ever is organizing this meeting should be concerning about all ethiopiana who are in denger now not only one tribe. As ethiopian say No more hunger, No more fight, No more king in ethiopian.
    Andient as ethiopiawi
    Selam L ethiopia

  2. ግማታም
    | #2

    Whatis this meeting for,orgnizers? We know and laugh simply when we realize that this is G7 agenda.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    Why don’t we think of the whole Ethiopia? Why should we divide in region to discuss about Ethiopia?
    I think it is not a good trend, let’s unite and meet together. Let’s call all Ethiopians and also discuss about Welkait Tegedie. If we all work together Welkait Tegede’s problem will also be solved. We cannot solve one region problem separately by ignoring the other.

  4. Wolqaite-Tegede
    | #4

    u idiot who cares abt G7

    we r the people of wolqaite-Tegede who suffering for almost 30 yeares now

    weyane started killing wolqaite-tegede people since when menguistu were in power

    so dont be bloody idiot k

    we are know to expose ethiopian gov how many wolkaite-tegede people killed and how many tigiran has seattled in their firtelazer land

  5. Sewasew
    | #5

    Our wolkayt- tegede brothers and sisters have been going through terrible humiliation for so long. I fully support their effort to expose what has happened and is happening at this moment. The proud and valiant people of wolkit has a deep rooted Ethiopian nationalism so let’s not make a mistake in calling them regionalist.
    Go wolkite!!!! We all support you. Let’s fight the real fight like our ancestors did.
    Ethiopiawinet Yashenifal

  6. Ethiopian girl
    | #6

    This is good thing to have. I have friends from Wolkait and Tegede and they were seperating away from politics against Woyanne because stupid people were cursing at Tigrinya speaker. Not everyone who speak Tigrinya support TPLF. I know people from Welkait, Aksum and Tembien and alot of them hate Meles.

    Wolkait people are very lovely people who love Ethiopia and they have taught me a few words in there language Tigrinya. I dont care what language you speak as long as you love Ethiopia.

    thanks everyone. bye

  7. አደሱ ልመንህ
    | #7

    እንደምናአችሁ ወገኖቻችን አይዝዋቹዉ በርቱ ከጎናችው ነን

  8. አደሱ ልመንህ
    | #8

    we ethiopia we ae not unitd so wolkite ppl they are suferd so i will support you.

  9. Hager Ethiopia
    | #9

    People of Wolkait are Tigray but they are split between Woyanne supporters because of Azeb Mesfin (the wife of Meles) being from Wolkait and others support against Woyanne like tpdm and eppf.

  10. selomo
    | #10

    wolkait fight woyane enemy

  11. anbesa
    | #11

    welkait malet betgray tekez bearitrea omhajer be merab sudan be smen ekul tegede syawasnew meryachn degmo shaleka getachew yrga neber. slezih enya wolkaitoch lebchachn nesanet enfelgalenna ebakachhu kagrachin wutuln.beteley cominstoch btbttachhunal ena anfelgachhum.25.7.2013

  12. T.B
    | #12

    ሰላምና ጤና ለወልቃይት ጠገዴ ህዝብ

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