About Us

February 19th, 2009

Mission Statement

Abugida information center main goals are to provide outreach service to Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia where they could get first hand news/current affairs about Ethiopia and Ethiopians, present systematized information resources helpful in their short and long term lives, organize educational programs for young Ethio-Americans about their ancestral land (Ethiopian Identity) as well as develop and enhance community connections among community members locally and otherwise. Without limitation to the forgoing, the following shall form the details of the main goals:

Supply news about Massachusetts, the US, Ethiopia and the World from credible sources.

Present analysis regarding major issues and seek expert opinions on same; as well as invite discussion panels involving of persons or groups with divergent views.

Entertain local and international audience presenting programs with comedians and music

Make available systematized and critical information resources about health, education, social services and other needs that directly affect or bring meaningful change to the society.

Conduct TV programs that could serve as a bridge to mentor, interconnect, stabilize and empower Ethiopian Americans.

Organize programs that relate to Ethiopian cultures, customs, traditions and history that would enhance Ethiopian identity among persons of Ethiopian origin and young Ethiopian-Americans, particularly.

Provide a forum for Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to express their views, concerns, hopes and dreams about current and major Ethiopian issues.

Arrange special programs that could offer credible information to the general population of Greater Boston and international viewers about the current ongoing peaceful struggle designed to build democratic foundations of governance in Ethiopia.

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