Concerned Ethiopians in Los Angeles

January 23rd, 2007

Concerned Ethiopians in Los Angeles
Press release | January 23rd, 2007
Los Angeles Shall not be Safe-Heaven for Agents of Tyranny

The people of Ethiopia have remained subject of oppressors and repressors of civil liberty under various tyrants that maintained their rules by the will of their greed for a number of decades. Nevertheless, there was little time that the people have not waged their struggle against these tyrants that appeared in different times. The last five decades especially are remembered for the wish of the people to bring about democratic governance and the rule of law in a much more organized manner.
In the process of bringing about good governance in Ethiopia children of the people have willingly sacrificed their dear lives for the just cause of the struggle. And yet tyrants have come and tyrants have gone without learning from the experiences of their preceding wrong doers. EPRDF is one such group of unlearnt mobsters that is imposing tyranny on the people of Ethiopia right at these present days of civilized societies. Intimidating, harassing, imprisoning and massacring opposition leaders, students, farmers, workers, women, children and the aged are therefore characteristics of EPRDF leadership that are inherited from the past dictators. Thus the people of Ethiopia are still engaged in struggling oppressions that are imposed on them now as have been since the past many years.
The demonstration that was launched yesterday, January 20th, 2007 was a continuation of the struggle that was going on in the past many decades for the prevalence of democracy, good governance and the rule of law in Ethiopia. Its specialty however was that it was aimed at defying EPRDf’s call for a town hall meeting made in order to persuade the Diaspora in Los Angeles to support its unholy agenda of dismantling our unity and national integrity as well as the national interest of Ethiopia.
In spite of its loss of public election of the May 2005, and failing to learn from the evicted governments of its type in the past few decades the EPRDF has been manipulating its cruel massacre and incarceration of workers, farmers, journalists, school children and representatives of the people elected by popular votes from the office it holds by the barrel of the gun. The leaders in Qality sanitary lacking prison are living examples of such victims of blind justice the release of whom the people are demanding. In addition to the crimes it is committing at home the EPRDF is also actively engaged in suppressing the voice of Ethiopians in Diaspora. In lieu with this it has invested millions of dollars of the people’s wealth to dismantle the unity of the Diaspora through its divisive propaganda and hired agents that serve its purpose. In addition to what is mentioned above the call for a town hall meeting on Saturday, January 20, 2007 was therefore a part and parcel of the agenda of EPRDF designed to divide and rule the Diaspora in Los Angeles and thereby abort the struggle for democracy and unity at home.
The divisive agenda however has been aborted by the gallant sons and daughters of Ethiopia residing in Los Angeles that gathered in a demonstration at Little Ethiopia, Fair Fax Avenue where the town hall meeting was to take place. According to estimates of 100 guests invited to attend the meeting inside the auditorium of the Korean Church at Fair Fax avenue only less than seventeen were counted coming out of the hall. About ten of these were organizers, security guards and journalists.

The people united against tyranny have come out triumphant in foiling EPRDF’s evil agenda as demonstrated yesterday. The infamous Ambassador of EPRDF, Taye and his loosing team had to drive out head-down among the crowd that cursed the evil mission of EPRDF. We, Ethiopians in LA have vowed that Los Angeles shall not be safe-heaven for agents of TPLF led EPRDF tyranny. We have also demonstrated that our demands are simple, the release of all political prisoners and thereby the removal of dictatorship from the yoke of the people.
In this regard we call for the people of the U.S. to bequeath their steady support to our struggle. We also take this opportunity to reminiscent the President of the United States, to remain loyal to his promise committed in one of his popular speeches that run
“All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know”“the United States will not ignore your oppression, or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your liberty we will stand with you.”? Well, Mr. President, We Ethiopians in LA have successfully demonstrated that we stand for our liberty. How about you? Do you really stand for your commitment above?

Concerned members of the Diaspora in Los Angeles,
January 21, 2007,
Los Angeles California

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