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August 31st, 2006

Addis Ababa, August 31, 2006 – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Addisu Legesse said the economic growth registered in the country over the past three years would be further enhanced.

The minister made the remark while holding discussions with Amhara natives residing in Boston, USA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

In a statement it sent to ENA yesterday, the Ministry quoted Addisu as saying the growth registered in various economic sectors would continue in strengthened manner.

The delegation led by Addisu Legesse has held discussions and replied to questions raised by members of the Ethiopian community there, the statement added.

The questions raised by the community were related to the government’s plans to extricate the nation from abject poverty, lessons learnt from the past national elections, measures being taken to resolve the border conflict with Eritrea and to prevent spread of HIV/AIDS, among others.

In a response given to the community Addisu said the government is mobilizing the public at large to reduce poverty.

Addisu said Ethiopia has proposed a five-point peace proposal which is accepted by the international community to resolve the border dispute with Eritrea.

A culture of open discussion between the ruling party and members of opposition parties who have parliamentary seats is being developed, Addisu said.

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