March 15th, 2015
  1. እስቲፋኖስ
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    እረ ጎበዝ ተተፋፋን .ምነው እንደዚህ አስችጋሪ ሆነ ቲቭኢ ፕሮግራማችሂሁ??
    እረ መላበሉት
    ከ ኖርውይ

  2. ሳምሶን
    | #2

    አንክዋን አደርሰአችህ ለ- ከን

  3. ፍልፈሉ
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    በርካታ ነጻ የአማርኛ መጻፊያ ሶፍት ዌሮች እንዳሉ ይታወቃልና እባካችሁ እንዴትና ከየት እንደምናገኝም እዚህ ላይ ቢያንስ ሊንኩን ብታስቀምጡልን ጥሩ ነው እላለሁ::

  4. በላቸው፡
    | #4

    የውነት ካስፈለጋቹህ !እንኳንስ ለናንተ ለሌሎችም እናስቀምጣለን; ያወ ውልክ በነፃ ጫርበት።

    ግእዝ ሶፈትዌር ይመረጣል።

    መልካም እድል።

  5. Sirage Detango
    | #5

    Showing solidarity with Ethiopians at home demanding religious freedom

    Some concerned Ethiopians and Swedish-Ethiopians residing in the greater Stockholm area would like to share their disgust with the blatant repression by the TPLF/EPRDF regime against followers of the Muslim faith and Christian Orthodox Church in Ethiopia .
    The regime’s violation of the sacrosanct monasteries of Waldaba, Ziquala, and others is not only a gross interference in religious affairs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian faith and monastic domain but also a disdainful and provocative act by a ruthless repressive regime. The regime’s interference in the affairs of Ethiopian Muslims is not only filled with deceit and treachery, heavy-handed, arrogant and ruthless but also bloody.
    In view of the fact that the followers of the two well-established religions in Ethiopia have jointly traversed a long common history, are well aware of their common destiny, and that they together make up the majority of the people in the country, and they have always stood together whenever their national interests are affected, we would like to support them all in their struggle for religious rights NOW. We should express OUR FULL solidarity with them. Their demands are just.

    We would also like to call on all peace loving and democratic forces, Human Rights Organizations, and the Media to follow the repression unleashed against both the Muslims and the Christians in Ethiopia, to condemn the atrocities, to document and expose, and to get concerned and involved so as to stop the gross violations of religious and other rights by a ruthless dictatorial regime, propped up by the US and Western Democracies!!

    Date of the demonstration – August 4 /2012
    Time 13:30 — 16:00
    Place of the demonstration -T- Karlaplan (parken)

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    Two top leaders storm out of OLF’s General Galchu faction

  7. ገብረ
    | #7

    የኢትዮጵያ ሃይለኛ ተቃዋሚ ትህዲን የሚባል አታውቅም: አየ አንተ ሁሉም ማወቅ ጥሩ ነው; ትህደን አስገባው ብዙ ትማራለህ ታውቃለህ

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    አምሃ ስዩም እደምነህ ስምህ ክዝህ

    | #9

    I have read the translation of Getachew Reda, as far as I know he had tried his best to present the article in Amharic wonderfully, however a comment given by Zewde Belete ( I do not believe this is his real name) has tried to disqualify not only Getachew’s translation but also the credibility of Getachew Reda and his Ethiopian semay website, in my understanding the ultimate goal of Zewde Belete is not to criticize the translation of Getachew Reda but to attack him, since he is genuinely struggling against the tyranny woyanie regime, it is obvious that the regime’s supporters and securities will fight against Getachew Reda and others who are struggling for the freedom of Ethiopia. I born and grew up in Ethiiopia and also I have spend almost half of my life in Eritrea I have been trained in Sawa and spend years with the military without my will until I escape from Eritrea, I know about shaabia and their struggle to split Eritrea from Ethiopia by feeding the people of Eritrea poison information especially by distorting history and preaching hatredness, to hate the Ethiopian people and to raise arm against his own people. I think it is time for the people of Ethiopia to have harmony, particularly Eritreans and the people of Tegray need to stand together against the evil deception and trap of Shaabia and Woyanie, their conspiracy to dismantle Ethiopia and its people can tackle by the solidarity of the Ethiopian people, by avoiding ethnic division and selfishness. May God bless Ethiopia

  10. Kifle Wodajo
    | #10

    This is a comment rather a kindly request:

    Where can I get Fikre Sellasie Wogderess’s book, We and the Revolution?
    My email address:

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