Protest at the Ethiopian Embassy – July 2nd 2007

June 30th, 2007
  1. Mimi
    | #1

    Let us go for it. It is time to work!

    Keep it up Kinijit!

  2. shotolay
    | #2

    kinijit is it,s not the way of ethiopian people. what hapen the last six month around ethiopia.arusi regeion,bale regeion.borena zone,jema,arsi negele,harere region rncluding jijiga. enocent women and childern rap and killed by OLF,ONLF,SLAM IN SIDAMA ZONE.people before you wish or you chose you have now whats goin on your home country.this terrorist,recist and facist killers blesd by kinijit.befor avery thing kinijit need to disconect from this terrorist groups.

  3. sol
    | #3

    let this time make a long summer for Zenawie

  4. yaphet
    | #4

    These cheap ass kinijit supporters will never make a difference at all. Y’all can shout every single day of the year as we woyanes get stongers as the days go by. Read my lips nobody can beat Woyane. We are strong enough both in military, poltics,finance and above all the dirve of the Tigrean to attain our goal. A seasonal politican and supporters are not a match for my beloved woyane not even close.

    It is the same shit but different day.

    Woyane for life!!!

  5. Isaiah T
    | #5

    yaphet-you black stone.I don’t have time to deal with u..
    u old fashioned.

  6. Mimi
    | #6

    Meles and Weyannes have Nazi ideology. Weyannes are Nazis except they are stupid and ugly. The Weyanne messenger, on this site, “yaphet’s” messages carry this Weyannes ideology. Having this evil ideology Weyannes are excluding themselves from the rest of Ethiopians and the world as a day go by. As they tried to dehumanize the rest of us, they are dehumanized themselves. Actually, from “yaphet”? post, I can see how deep in dark Weyannes are. They will never get acceptance that they are desperately seeks. They need to get out of this darkness that they put themselves into and think like human. Then they will get love and respect from the peaceful Ethiopians.

    One more fact that Weyannes and Meles should know is: Ethiopia was there before Meles existed, and it will be there long after he is gone. The future generation will think of Meles how evil he was. That is it. Meles want us to think that the fate of Ethiopia, all the prisoners, and the life of every Ethiopian is on his hand. I feel sorry for him to think like that. He is one ridicules looking, short and bold man that can’t even stop himself running to bath room a couple of times in a day. He is some one with identity crisis, who would do anything to be seen as a powerful man. He wants to portrait himself as if he is some one who knows it all and some one that no one could defeat. Basically, he wants us to see him as a God that would do everything as he wishes. Well, my attitude towards him is what every Ethiopian attitude should be. That is, hey Meles you are not God and you don’t have any control over our country and our life. Every one of us has control over our destiny. It is not up to you Meles. You will just be one black spot in our long history. That is pretty much it about you.
    That is how I struggle against the evil deeds of Meles, and I think we all Ethiopians should have the same attitude on this. Let us stay positive and move on.

  7. yaphet
    | #7

    Mimi, Dont try to speak in the name of Ethiopia as a whole. You can speak on be half of the sludge of kinijit, Menigistu ,and your donkey people. We ,Tigreans, invisioned our victory before we started our journey. Our struggle was long and bitter ,but we knew victory was certain. Our beloved PM Meles Zenawi is the Angel of Tigray in particular and Ethiopia as a whole. We Tigreans were Ethiopians before you Amharas came to the picture. If you really want to know who makes so many stops to the rest room it is your “Hodam People” who does nothing other than eating and suing his own family members for small money or piece of land which is not even her/his. You guys are as primitive as primitive can be and also evil as evil can be. Both Church and Govt position will never come in the hands of the donkeys for the next hundred years. Proud to be born with a Tigrean gene.

    Woyane for life

  8. | #8

    we TIGRA peole don’t letgiveup our power no matter what happen. you guys are funny193 peole died in addisa baba so waht where you been when my peole got kill everyday basi by derg . now b/c 193 peole died in addis veryhting big deal . looks ethiopian we got this postion after 35 yers fight and you people want to take it one day elaction that is funny , plese get a life .as you usal just go whith house and ask pr Bush help man don’t you gaveup , you ppl have been asking Bush help for past 2 yrs but nothing happening so far . we TIGRA peole will fight not to give our power for evere even Melse Zenaiw done his term we aready have another onw who can handle the way we tigara peole want to handle this stiation . anyway please don’t compare yourself with tigar people , how could you compare tigra peole with Amara peole , or Oromo people even with Guraga people .TIgRa power forevere

  9. Tigist
    | #9

    Hey TIgRa, first of all go back to school and learn how to write before you jump into a stage like Abugida. Second, don’t believe what Meles told regarding who you are. Meles is a half Eritrean and a half Banda evil man. He managed to brain wash you and uses you as animals. He has been clearly telling lately that he is using you for his evil agenda, and I am surprised that you are not quite awake yet. Meles is so confident that you will never be able to think rationally. That is why he said no other political party needed in Tigray. Basically what he is saying is “I am the only brain for the whole region.”? If I were you “TIgRa”, I would try to prove evil Meles wrong.

  10. dildil
    | #10

    Keep it up, Kinijit’s Youth!!

  11. get
    | #11

    Keep it up!!

እንግሊዘኛ አማርኛ