Survivors Guilt – By Bizualem Beza

June 24th, 2007

“?If we all were equally committed for our country as those true souls,either we all had been massacred in june and november 2005 massacre or had changed the bad course of our political history for good forever.”?

Those who have spoken the truth about Ethiopia are those Ethiopians who are imprisoned at gun-point and those who are massacred in broad daylight on the streets of Addis Ababa and anywhere else in the country.The rest of us are just struggling to meet the sacrifices of those great Ethiopian compatriots who have fully proved thier unflinching determination and love to their motherland even if they knew that it costs thier lives in the struggle for the long awaited fundamental change of power transition in their troubled country.It is evident that since the historic may 2005 election,the untold suffering of Ethiopians is not hidden any more inside the country as was the case in the last 14 years which was coated by a mockery of democracy and economic development.The heavy handed repression of Ethiopians at the hands of the war lord Meles Zenawi is being felt anywhere else in the world thanks to those committed Ethiopians and to those International election observers together with non-governmental organizations and rights groups.Ethiopians who have settled in different parts of the world escaping the regime`s persecution have made clear to the world that Ethiopia today is ruled by a “?stone age tyrant “? who does not understand the language of peace and reconciliation.

Who is to feel survivors guilt for those unlawfully massacred and imprisoned Ethiopians and why? Today,it is not only Ethiopians who feel the pain and horrors of their fellow countrymen and women but also shared by millions of non-Ethiopians around the world.The brutal repression of dissent by the TPLF led minority regime has attracted the attention of many nations including the close friends of the regime in the West and are compelled them to reconsider their business as usual dealing with the absolute authocratic ruler of Ethiopia,Meles Zenawi.However,after all,it should be primarily Ethiopians who must feel survivors guilt for the reason that,it is Ethiopians who lost their mothers,sisters,brothers,fathers and loved ones for no reason.No one can claim the moral authority to feel survivors guilt for those massacred and imprisoned Ethiopins than theirs fellows.”?andand gize wogenochachin yemiwodut sew bemot seleyachew menalebet enem abre bemot bemalet merir hazenachewn ygelstalu.”? That is all the reason behind the idea of survivors guilt.Do we feel such feeling today for those unjustly imprisoned and killed Ethiopians? I leave the answer for each of us.What a mind is to rest while his/her fellow countrymen is being slaughtered? What a mind is to rest while his /her fellow is being made to live in abject poverty? What a mind is to rest while all time highly honoured intellectuals of his /her country is languishing in jail for defeating tyranny by peacefull means? What a mind is to rest while observing widespread injustice, corruption,nepotism,ethnicism and partiality in his /her own native country?

Dear fellow Ethiopians,the reason I chose to write on this topic is to bring to your attention that it is when we feel survivors guilt either from Meles Zenawi`s illegal jail or the broad daylight massacre, which can agitate us to do more for the noble cause of freedom and democracy that Ethiopians were killed for.The bloods and souls of those fellow Ethiopians are calling us to continue their just cause.let us not Let the bloods of those Ethiopinas be in vain.For any fair minded Ethiopian,hesitating to resume the ongoing struggle for freedom and democracy for which countless Ethiopians are paying a heavy price will carry on a serious consequences for many generations to come.The current lawlessness in Ethiopia must be stopped somewhere before it is too late.

Ethiopia Will Prevail!!

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