To All Freedom Loving Ethiopians

June 19th, 2007

You already know how our people are suffering under the TPLF dictatorship in Ethiopia.
Everyone knows that thousands of political prisoners languish in Weyane prisons without any due justice.
If you think we should continue to protest and get organized, then do what is expected of you. Come to the demonstration and show that you care.

1-Saturday June 23, 2007- Demonstration in the city of Wiesbaden.
We meet at 9:30AM at the Wiesbaden Main Train Station and march to the EU-ACP Conference Hall to KurhausPlatz.
2-Sunday June 24, 2007 – General Conference in Frankfurt. Food & Refreshments will be served.
Time: 10:00AM. The main Agenda of the conference is how the struggle should continue etc..This is also a chance to get to know our friends and compatriots in person.
3-Monday June 25, 2007 – Demonstration in Wiesbaden.
Time: 9:30AM

1-If you travel by Ryanain, You may take the Bus to Frankfurt Main train station. Then take subway S1 to Wiesbaden main Train station.
People coming from any European cities can take Ryan Air which is very cheap to Hahn Frankfurt. To get the cheapetst rate, you must reserve in advance.
Go to www.ryanair. com to book a flight.

2-If you come by Train, best destinaton would be Frankfurt Main Train station. Take S1 subway to Wiesbaden.

3-If you come by car, follow directions to Frankfurt via Autobahn A3, A5.
Then change to A66. Follow directions to Wiesbaden City to Hauptbahnof.

If you are coming from another country, we can organize a place of stay for you to sleep.
If you have any questions, please call the phone numbers listed on the on the flyer.
You can call or contact directly the coordinators in Germany or in your Respective country.
If you like to attend the conference, we can organize permit and a badge for you.
Please send your full name and country to

It is very important that as many Ethiopians come to the Demonstrations and the Conference to strengthen the solidarity among the chapters and discuss on how the struggle can be strenthened. Anyone who needs help for a place to stay overnight should contact us at least 3 days in advance.

Please distribute the flyer which is attached.
Open, Print and post it in local Ethiopian Restaurants and Internet Cafes.
If you are planning to join the EU-ACP Conference, you must register to get a Badge. In this case, send e-mail directly to

More info.
EU ACP Website

Note: Do not forget to bring ethiopian flag, Placards, Pictures, flags of the countries you are coming from, flyers etc. .

kind regards,
CUD Support Group Germany

Protest in Wiesbaden

Click here for PDF Version of The flier.

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