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abdelkader abu haroon   |2011-11-25 12:50:50
kebebe its fantastic art pls keep it up
Anonymous  - re:   |2011-11-20 07:49:00
Azmach deyas wrote:
It is verey nice
bandiraw  - abugida   |2010-05-09 15:03:27
very nice dramma
Azmach deyas  - Comedy   |2010-05-05 02:15:00
Itis relly verey nice
Azmach deyas  - Comedy   |2010-05-05 02:04:19
Itis relly verey nice
Azmach deyas   |2010-05-02 00:04:16
It is verey nice
Azmach deyas   |2010-05-01 23:49:58
Itis verey nice
eniyew alaye   |2010-04-27 16:11:17
nice commedy
eniyew alaye  - for commedy   |2010-04-27 16:10:33
kibebaw is nice commedy and you will more of hardwork.
Anonymous  - re:   |2010-04-20 13:37:48
eyayush wrote:
its good i lovet
Anonymous  - re:   |2010-04-19 22:33:29
hayat wrote:
i like kibebew.nice comedy
Anonymous   |2010-04-16 10:55:27
hi gays how are u
tttt  - funy   |2010-04-13 16:51:21
it's so funy
babi  - quote   |2010-04-13 11:23:50
so funny kebe is my feverat comedy
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solomon dhaba  - I like Ethiopia comedy kibabew gada   |2010-04-02 02:12:59
hi kibabe how are you? Hi kibabew are you lost or finsh your comedy ,you
disapper from steg.
eyayush   |2010-03-31 13:41:40
its good i lovet
dereje mammo  - i like comdye   |2010-03-30 14:16:49
hi hi gays for my liyf i like comdey espshaly cebabawe it is very nice
zubeyda   |2010-03-23 13:30:50
its so realy funy hahaah
metesabiya  - good   |2010-03-21 16:34:13
verey nice
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