What to Look For in a Car Parking Tent

Car parking shelters are meant for car users who cannot accommodate bulky car cabinets on their roofs. There are different types of car parking tents available in the market, each serving different purposes. The following discussion highlights the characteristics of the different types of car parking tents and the benefits they offer. It should be noted that since they are intended for use as a car shelter, their installation should comply with local building laws.

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Small Potable Car Parking Tents: The best pick when it comes to car parking tents are those which are portable and easy to set up. Small-sized portable tents offer good protection against strong winds and rain. They are also suitable for installation on patios since they are light and do not take up a lot of room. Small-sized portable tarpaulins are made of polyester fabric, vinyl, or aluminum fabric.

Medium-sized Car Parking Tents: Made using high-grade polyester and aluminum fabric, these are sturdily constructed and are great for parking in backyards. They are also very long functional life. These kinds of tents have strong doors and windows. Some of them have mosquito netting too. Most of them are manufactured using fire retardant material.

Large Car Parking Tents: Made using polyester, vinyl, or aluminum, the large portable tents offer maximum protection against dust and harsh weather conditions. They are also long-lasting and have reinforced interiors. However, they are not recommended for hurricane or tornado protection. Large car parking shades in Dubai are manufactured using high-grade polyester and aluminum fabric, or fire-retardant material. Most of them are manufactured using non-flammable fire-retardant materials.

Airone Classic Car Parking Tents: The irony classic is a lightweight and functional choice for all types of automobile parking requirements. It is also the best choice if you park your car for long periods in one place. These airtight car tent tents have many advantages including better grip, increased security, longer functional life, easy installation, and weather protection. It is manufactured using high-grade polyester and aluminum fabric, or flame-retardant material. Most of these tents have reinforced interiors.

Advancement in technology has given manufacturers the benefit of using fabrics with greater fire retardancy. Therefore, manufacturers say that their new car tarp tent is more fire-resistant than ever before. The fact is that it has been rated number one in its category, which is best for indoor and outdoor use.

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