SEO facts every marketer should be aware of

SEO is an extremely important marketing technique that one needs to opt for if they really want to make a difference in their venture. It is the optimized content which attracts visitors but the problem here is that you can’t really make a difference in this without going all in. And by that we mean hiring an SEO agency Dubai and website development companies in Dubai who are expert in their task. So before you can move on, here are some marketing techniques which you may want to know:

  • Search engine is the first best place to reach customers

According to certain surveys and statistics, it is Google where most people reach the larger amount of audience because more than 90 percent of the audience is looking for things online in the search engine than on different social media platforms. So if your SEO game is not strong enough, you may not be able to reach or even exist in their eyes for that matter.

  • Page title relevancy matters the most

This is something very important that a lot of people forget to talk about considering it is the relevant content which everyone is running after – all for the right reasons but this doesn’t mean that title does not hold importance. In fact, it is the relevant and capturing title of the page that makes the audience want to click on the site and see what’s there to offer. So as long as you are working on that, you can be trouble free.

  • Meta description should be captivating

The story of meta description is somewhat similar to title but a little different in sense of the word count. Meta description is the sum of words which you see right below the title that explains what the page beholds for the audience. This gives the viewers the basic idea of what kind of content is available on there and if they would like to view it.

  • Only the top 5 will be noted the most

Have you ever wondered why you never go to Google search’s second page in order to search for the thing which you are looking for? Well, the answer is obvious: because it does not have the relevant content. The same way viewers look and this is the reason that top 5 searches get the first 75% clicks as that sounds relevant to their search.

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