Steps To Start A Nursery School

In this article, we will tell you some of the steps by which you can open up your own nursery school. Follow the below mentioned steps so that you can successful start your own nursery school.


Requirements for a License

In whichever area you are planning to start a nursery school, there would definitely be some rules and laws and you will have to work according to that. Go to the internet and check those rules and laws so you don’t face any problems later.

Plan for Business

Before starting any business, you need a plan. Planning is very important for a successful business. So, you too should plan before starting your EYFS nursery Dubai. You have to know that there are enough children for your nursery school, how would you promote it, etc.


This is the most difficult and one of the most important task. A nursery school should be in a quiet and a calm place so that it helps in better learning and understanding of the children. Make sure it is in an area where there are more children. One thing to keep in mind, if you are starting your business for the first time, then start with a small school. When it becomes successful, then you can switch to a bigger place.

Faculty Members

This is also an important matter. When you are opening nurseries in Jumeirah, you have to hire the faculty members as well. So, for the wellbeing of your children, you should hire highly skilled and professional faculty members.

Preparation of Facilities

When you open a nursery school, you obviously need some facilities for the school. You will need furniture and other equipment which is safe for the faculty members as well as the children. Make sure that your school is clean, safe and provides a good environment for the children.


The curriculum of your nursery school be much better than the other nursery schools. There should be something unique and different in your curriculum. A good curriculum is very important for the growth and the learning of a child.

In order to have a successful nursery school, you should follow these steps. This way the parents would be happy to send their child to your school.

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