Uses and disadvantages of waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is used many industries. Let us discuss the uses of waterjet cutting in some of the most famous industries.

Aerospace: Waterjet cutting is most commonly used by manufacturers of aviation. Waterjet cutting in aerospace is used to cut the following materials.

  • Parts of the body
  • Parts of the engine
  • Inside panels of the cabin
  • Cutting of blades made from turbine
  • Bodies made of titanium for army aircraft

Electronics: Waterjet cutting is most commonly used for electronic industries as well. Waterjet cutting in electronic is used to cut the following materials.

  • Circuit boards
  • Coverings of the cables
  • Parts of the generators
  • Panels of the elevator

Automotive: Waterjet cutting is widely used in the automotive industry most importantly in the manufacturing of the car and the manufacturing of the train. There are some materials in the automotive industry that can be cut using waterjet cutting and they are as follows.

  • Foam
  • Bumpers
  • Installation
  • Bodies of motorbikes
  • Firewall
  • Parts of racing cars
  • Gaskets for cars

Architecture: Waterjet cutting is also used in architectural industries. Following are the materials for cutting through waterjet cutting.

  • Murals
  • Poster letters in plastic, marble, brass, glass, etc.
  • Parts of the architectural cutting
  • Artwork made up from metal such as lighting, art work at museum, etc.

These were few industries that we told you about. There are a lot more industries where waterjet cutting is used.

Even though the waterjet cutting is immensely used in a number of industries, it still has some drawbacks which are as follows.

Drawbacks of waterjet cutting

Time of cutting: Although the machine of waterjet cutting can cut almost all types of materials, but the time of cutting is a lot. Since, the time of cutting is long, it usually means that the productivity is less.

Costs: At the start of the process, finding and applying the extra materials that are abrasive, such as granite, to make the effectiveness of the cutter better could cost much money and is considered expensive when compared to the cutter of plasma.

Thickness: If the material is very thick then it would be a problem because the waterjet cutting machine won’t be able to cut the machine properly. There would be some faults in the dimensions as result of more thickness.

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